Set Clear Expectations For Happy Customers

You can deliver what you think is great service and still have unhappy customers if you are giving them something other than what they are expecting.

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How to go from grilling to engaging the customer

To make sure the consultative process works, here are some pitfalls distributors should avoid. Tuscaloosa, AL - Consultative selling is one of the most powerful selling techniques jansan distributors and account reps have available to market their products and services. According to Michael Wilson, vice president of marketing for AFFLINK, developer of the [...]

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How to make all customer types happy

By figuring out what basic behavioral type you are dealing with, you can tailor your behavior and message.Editors note: On October 27, 2016, Derek Christian and Liz Trotter gave a presentation for ISSA called Making All Customer Types Happy. We’ve asked them to share some information about their presentation here. In our ISSA presentation on [...]

Your customer service revolution

Speaker previews address and breakout session for this month's cleaning conventionI am thrilled to be delivering a keynote address and conducting an interactive workshop at this years’ ARCSI Conference.  As I prepared for both the Keynote and breakout, I focused on trying to deliver the following takeaways for you and your teams. First and foremost, [...]

Customer types and how to make them all happy

This year, Derek and I may have the presentation that makes it all click for you. - by Liz TrotterIt’s hard to believe that the convention is less than 2 months away. I’ve been going to the convention since ARCSI first began – it must be at least a decade now! For the past few [...]

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Morning-After Maids finds niche market in post-party chaos

Innovative cleaning business charges by number of guestsTwo young entrepreneurs in New Zealand may be very late to the party, but their new cleaning business is off to a fast start. Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst of Auckland, New Zealand have launched Morning-After Maids with a unique clientele: hungover party hosts. Their services include not only [...]

Street cleaner accidentally removes commissioned graffiti in France

Artist disappointed when portraits of beggars and street children are scrubbed from outdoor display.City officials of Reims, France, had to apologize to commissioned graffiti artist Christian Guemy after failing to notify the city cleaning department not to remove any of his four installments, which appeared to be common graffiti, normally scrubbed from buildings. Lesson for [...]

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How companies can clean up with upselling

It’s up to seven times cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one.You may or may not know that it’s up to seven times cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. This fact alone places customer retention high on the agenda for many in the ultra-competitive [...]

12 cleaning upsells for 12 months – part 2

It’s never too late to implement your upselling strategy. Get yourself ready with these campaign ideas for July – December.As you’re pulling up to the end of the first quarter or 2016, let’s finish up a year’s worth of monthly upselling and cross-selling campaigns. Remember, you can choose to run your program less frequently – [...]

2 On-Demand Maid Services Let Customers Choose Their Cleaner

German-based Helpling and US-based HomeAGlow advance their app-based maid service shopping to include maid reviews and customer selection features.In January and February, respectively, on-demand maid services Homeaglow and Helpling announced the first major leap forward for the independent-contractor-based home cleaning service market: giving customers a way to choose the IC cleaner who comes to their home [...]

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