How to make all customer types happy

By figuring out what basic behavioral type you are dealing with, you can tailor your behavior and message. Editors note: On October 27, 2016, Derek Christian and Liz Trotter gave a presentation for ISSA called Making All Customer Types Happy. We’ve asked them to share some information about their presentation here. In our ISSA [...]

Customer types and how to make them all happy

It’s hard to believe that the convention is less than 2 months away. I’ve been going to the convention since ARCSI first began – it must be at least a decade now! For the past few years I’ve contemplated whether or not it was a good use of resources. After all – I’ve heard [...]

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How companies can clean up with upselling

It’s up to seven times cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one.You may or may not know that it’s up to seven times cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. This fact alone places customer retention high on the agenda for many in the ultra-competitive [...]

12 cleaning upsells for 12 months – part 2

It’s never too late to implement your upselling strategy. Get yourself ready with these campaign ideas for July – December.As you’re pulling up to the end of the first quarter or 2016, let’s finish up a year’s worth of monthly upselling and cross-selling campaigns. Remember, you can choose to run your program less frequently – [...]

4 Ways to Embrace Cluttered Clients with Upselling

Expand your services to include organizing, packing, unpacking, and even laundry services, and make your cleaning business indispensable: an interview with Amy Wiggs King of 2 Green Chicks.CBT: What was your very first cleaning client or cleaning job? Do you still have that client?  AWK: Our very first cleaning job was in a town about [...]

6 Tips for Calming Upset and Difficult Customers

Handling the customer, not the complaint is the key to calming tempers, diffusing conflict, and solving customer complaints quickly and with great results.As we all know, happy, satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any business and create the path to growth and sustainability. Without a strong, positive reputation based on customer satisfaction and repeat business, [...]

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Breaking News: Porch Guarantees Contractors' Work

Online home service marketplace Porch ups the ante in the online and on-demand Home Services race.In an unprecedented move, Porch announced yesterday that it now guarantees the work of its verified professional contractors up to $1000. While Porch has not disclosed the exact procedure for certifying professionals as "verified," CEO Matt Ehrlichman identified the following [...]

Identifying the Complainers In Your Cleaning Company

According to five different contract cleaners, the following are the six types of complainers most commonly encountered.Charlotte, NC - After a few years in the contract cleaning business, most contractors realize two things: complaints are part of the job, and over time, you realize some complainers fit into certain categories.   While it is true [...]

Do More Than the Minimum To Keep Clients Happy and Boost Sales

To become and remain competitive, you’ve got to know what your competition is likely offering – so you can do more and better.When 75% of an industry is doing the same thing, that thing (or collection of tasks) becomes a standard – no longer a competitive advantage but is simple the minimum level of service. [...]

5 Times When a Penalty Fee is NOT the Best Choice

Consequences are a standard part of a service agreement, so use them to their fullest advantage – as education and incentives for customer loyalty.Do you beat up your customers? My guess is that sometimes you do!  Without meaning to of course.   Have you ever had a customer bounce a check or lock you out [...]

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