ISSA announces 2019 CMI schedule

ISSA offers education, training, and certifications under its Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) brand, carefully curated for cleaning industry professionals.

West Sanitation has rebranded as AeroWest International

West Sanitation / West Industries has rebranded as AeroWest International, to kick-start a revamped franchising program and further expand their exciting new product line worldwide.

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Eight tips on how to effectively spray buff a floor

Somewhat a lost art, spray buffing has now resurfaced not only as a key to stretching floor refinishing cycles, but also at removing heel marks, stains, spills, and leaving floors with a high-gloss shine.

Better decisions from better air

Researchers enrolled 24 “knowledge workers,” people who were corporate managers, architects, and designers. The workers spent six days in a controlled work environment, working from 9 am to 5 pm each day.

ISSA & Afidamp FAB create joint global platform for the cleaning industry

ISSA and Afidamp will co-own the existing Pulire family of events. Northbrook, IL, USA―May 8, 2018― ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, and Afidamp FAB, the Italian trade association for cleaning industry manufacturers, have announced a new partnership focused on jointly developing and executing go-to-market opportunities for their members and the industry at-large [...]

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Tips on how cleaning workers can get rid of the FOG

FOG is considered the most common cause of slow and blocked drains in a commercial kitchen. Ontario, Candida - One of the challenges kitchen and cleaning workers in the food service industry grapple with is FOG: Fats, Oils, and Grease collecting in drains. FOG is considered the most common cause of slow and blocked drains [...]

How a clean office can boost productivity (infographic)

Being organized and maintaining a clean working space is very helpful in getting your best work done. A messy, unsanitary office leads to workers being distracted easily by piles of rubbish and stacks of paper. Indeed, such work spaces could result in employees frequently getting ill and work not being done due to abnormally [...]

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Five tips for keeping commercial kitchen floors clean

An increased focus on proper floor care is one of the best ways to keep commercial kitchen floors clean. As warmer weather returns in many parts of North America, one thing that restaurants, school cafeterias, and all commercial kitchens must be aware of is the return of insects. Many insects hide during the cold winter [...]

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New Oregon law requires cleaning service providers to be licensed

Law targets sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace. Effective January 1, 2018, Oregon amended its labor contracting law to require those organizations that employ workers for the purpose of providing janitorial or cleaning services to other parties (i.e., building service contractors, residential cleaning service providers) to: Be licensed as a Property Services [...]

ServiceMonster announces partnership with SoftWash Systems

The integration extends ServiceMonster’s CRM and marketing automation capabilities to SoftWash Systems users. Bellingham, WA – ServiceMonster, a field service SaaS company who provides field service industry professionals with an all-in-one business solution, today announced a partnership with SoftWash Systems, an all-chemical cleaning method and network of companies. This new agreement enables SoftWash Systems’ [...]

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