Your Quarterly Snapshot: How is Your Cleaning Business Doing?

If you registered for the ISSA 2020 Virtual Show, you might have been a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of talks and presentations. I know I was. I didn’t know where to start. This article is intended to act as a taste of the actual presentation. Taking an hour out of your day [...]

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Minimum Wage increases to impact Canadian cleaning industry

Some of the other more populated Canadian provinces are experiencing wage increases. Ontario, CANADA - In January of 2018, the minimum wage in Ontario, one of Canadas most populated provinces, jumped from $11.60 per hour to $14.00 per hour, and that rate will increase to $15.00 per hour starting January 2019. This is [...]

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Now is a good time to fix mistakes in overtime and minimum wage payments

New PAID program from US Department of Labor gives employers a second chance to get their reporting right. Keeping accurate overtime and minimum wage calculations can be hard to do. If you think you may have made mistakes when making overtime and minimum wage payments, now may be a good time to fix them. [...]

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Knowing the math of hiring and retaining talent in the cleaning industry

There’s a lot of variance in the cost of turnover. Here’s a reality. Half of you hire better than the other half. Some are in the bottom 10%, and then there are those great cleaning companies in the top 10%. You can imagine how this variance impacts your bottom line, whether you have 5 [...]

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ISSA launches DEAL

Program helps businesses reduce costs and be environmentally responsible Northbrook, IL, USA―April 3, 2017―ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, in partnership with Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC, has kicked off phase two of the new Distributor Efficiency Analytics and Learning (DEAL) program. DEAL is a comprehensive program that incorporates learning, analytics, and awards to help [...]

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Who and what should dictate cleaning product pricing?

How to avoid a never-ending price war with your competitors The price of your products is a fundamental element of your sales and marketing strategies. Competition is continually fierce in the cleaning industry and the costs of your goods – relative to those of your competitors – can often make or break a sale. [...]

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Licensure and government grades to enhance maid agency regulation

Singapore maid agencies must meet new quality measures from consumers and the government to renew licenses. Beginning December 2017, the new Trustmark maid agency grading system will be in place in Singapore. The program is initiated by the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) and the Ministry of Manpower. Agencies will not be able to renew [...]

3 Ways My Business is Better Today Than a Year Ago

Major change requires checking progress and making adjustments as needed. In Part 1 of our series, we analyzed the profitability challenge my business was facing at the start of 2014. In Part 2, we looked at the structural and cultural changes implemented during my enrollment in the Foundations of Success program, working with my [...]

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