6 Ways To Improve Air Quality In The Workplace

Indoor air quality can affect a person's health, productivity, and comfort. Nonetheless, many employers are unaware that their workers' health is at risk due to poor indoor air quality. Remember that indoor air pollution is two to five times higher without air purification. This should be a concern for employers [...]

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10 ways distributors can promote worker safety

AFFLINK, a leading sales and marketing organization, with more than 300 members throughout the U.S., offers the following "Ten Ways Administrators can Promote Worker Safety" at distribution locations.

New tool for tracking sustainability

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership announces the release of the SGP Impact Tracker, in collaboration with Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC., now used by many facility managers as well as jansan manufacturers and distributors to enhance their sustainability efforts.

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Tips on how cleaning workers can get rid of the FOG

FOG is considered the most common cause of slow and blocked drains in a commercial kitchen. Ontario, Candida - One of the challenges kitchen and cleaning workers in the food service industry grapple with is FOG: Fats, Oils, and Grease collecting in drains. FOG is considered the most common cause of slow and blocked drains [...]

ProTeam introduces new ProBlade floor tools and wand

Available for both carpet and hard surfaces, the ProBlade floor tool distributes suction evenly across its width for more efficient debris pickup. (ST. LOUIS, MO.) ProTeam® introduces a new backpack vacuum accessory kit - the ProBlade™ floor tools and straight telescoping wand. Intuitive and easy to use, the new kit simplifies setup and training [...]

The battle against superbugs

UMF Corporation applauds microbiologist’s TEDx message of need to increase awareness of ‘Everyday Heroes’ UMF Corporation is commending Rodney E. Rohde, PhD, on his recent TEDx Talk that emphasizes the need to increase awareness of the critical role played by Medical Laboratory Technicians and Hygiene Specialists – the “everyday heroes” ­– in the battle against antibiotic resistant [...]

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Bona® Partners with Healthy Schools Campaign’s Green Clean Schools Program

Initiative focused on growing the green cleaning movement to support student health and wellness for schools and universities Aurora, Colo., Oct. 25, 2016 – –Bona, the world leader in hardwood floor care and maintenance since 1919, announced today a partnership with Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) to support the Green Clean Schools program and the [...]

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Top five germiest things kids touch at school

Busses are rarely sanitized or disinfected...kids put their hands on seats, poles, and windows that can house bacteria and viruses like MSRA, e-Coli, and staph infections Laval, Canada - A lot of parents happily anticipate the first day of school, but school starting also means they have to protect their children from the germs [...]

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CleanCore partnering with Healthy Schools Campaign’s Green Clean Schools Program

CleanCore and HSC will work together to establish a vibrant network of school facility managers.Omaha, Nebraska-With green cleaning becoming ever more prevalent and integral to the health and wellness of children, CleanCore™ Technologies, manufacturers of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, is proud to announce it will be a sponsor of the Healthy Schools Campaign's (HSC) Green [...]

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Custodian graduates from the college he cleaned

Boston man bounces back from recession setbacks to earn engineering degreeAfter eight years of "classes all day and cleaning all night," Michael Vaudreuil will be graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Read more and watch the video from CBS News.

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