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What facility managers need to know about norovirus

There are several essential things facility and restaurant managers should know about norovirus.

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West Sanitation has rebranded as AeroWest International

West Sanitation / West Industries has rebranded as AeroWest International, to kick-start a revamped franchising program and further expand their exciting new product line worldwide.

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New tool for tracking sustainability

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership announces the release of the SGP Impact Tracker, in collaboration with Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC., now used by many facility managers as well as jansan manufacturers and distributors to enhance their sustainability efforts.

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Minimum Wage increases to impact Canadian cleaning industry

Some of the other more populated Canadian provinces are experiencing wage increases. Ontario, CANADA - In January of 2018, the minimum wage in Ontario, one of Canadas most populated provinces, jumped from $11.60 per hour to $14.00 per hour, and that rate will increase to $15.00 per hour starting January 2019. This is [...]

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Seven characteristics of successful consultative selling

Distributors need good schmoozing skills Tuscaloosa, AL - One of the most effective sales techniques available to distributors is consultative selling.   Consultative selling is a problem-solving approach to selling products and services. However, the first step in the process is moving from being an outsider, just selling products, to becoming a trusted adviser and [...]

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Bona’s abrasion products cut prep time in half

For a busy gym floor, downtime can be a massive inconvenience. Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), the fifth-largest school district in California, like so many districts across the nation, was seeking a solution to minimize downtime and get the community back in its facilities faster.

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How to be faster and more effective: the ProVac FS 6 from ProTeam

The ProVac® backpack vacuum from ProTeam® improves speed and effectiveness when cleaning hard floors, carpet, and beyond the floor. In this business, wherever you can save time, you can improve your bottom line. Maybe you’ll apply the time saved to reducing labor costs. Maybe you’ll use it to improve your service and retain [...]

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Now is a good time to fix mistakes in overtime and minimum wage payments

New PAID program from US Department of Labor gives employers a second chance to get their reporting right. Keeping accurate overtime and minimum wage calculations can be hard to do. If you think you may have made mistakes when making overtime and minimum wage payments, now may be a good time to fix them. [...]

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ARCSI leadership event to feature top business speakers

2018 ISSA Leadership Summit, April, 19-21, brings in major talent with messages to turbocharge your CEO skills Update: This event has already taken place. The most important job in your company is yours, the CEO.  We have a rare opportunity in April to dedicate two days to hear from three professional speakers who work with [...]

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