How To Ensure Air Quality While Cleaning A Customer’s Home

Cleaning companies do a lot to keep a house clean. They cope with the stench from the kitchen or the bathroom while washing up a home. The air can be so harsh and detrimental to their health that they have to ensure air quality while doing their thing. Keeping the air pure and breathable [...]

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8 Ways to Eliminate Mold in Your Home

Regardless of how expensive your home is, you’re bound to experience several problems when you become a homeowner. With this responsibility, you’re expected to pay attention to different areas of your property and hire pros to repair or replace any damages right away. The bigger your home is, the more challenging it’ll be for [...]

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The Latest Trends in Homes and How To Clean Them from Surfaces 2020

Surfaces 2020 was an annual show for the people that make the things which go in the homes we clean. Bruce Vance reports on the trends that we will see how how it effects us as cleaning companies.

How to Choose an Green/Eco Cleaning Product

Eco cleaning has taken the cleaning world by storm over the past 10 years. While awareness has increased through blogging and social sharing, eco cleaning has actually been around for a long time. While we may tend to think of natural products as something that’s new and maybe even a little bit hippie, our grandparents [...]

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Can your home be too clean?

NO, it can’t. Why? The definition of “clean” as it relates to your home is “the absence of unwanted matter”1. If there is a desirable benefit to dirt or soil, then it is not “unwanted”. “Unwanted matter” is empty pizza boxes, soda cans and bottles. You get the idea. There is no sound argument [...]

Keeping Fido safe and healthy at the vet

HAIs are believed to be on the increase. It appears pets contract these infections in many of the same ways humans do.

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Bed bug hiding places

Bed bugs are commonly associated with beds but these pesky critters can venture beyond your bedrooms and infest your entire home. Even at workplaces, it is difficult to identify where they are coming from.

Eight tips on how to effectively spray buff a floor

Somewhat a lost art, spray buffing has now resurfaced not only as a key to stretching floor refinishing cycles, but also at removing heel marks, stains, spills, and leaving floors with a high-gloss shine.

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