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The day I fell in love with debt

How to use leverage to quickly increase your income In October 2015 I signed an agreement to sell my largest residential cleaning company, My Maid Service Cincinnati, to Blue Skies Services. The number one question I have gotten since then is, “Why did you sell?” There are a few reasons. First, in 8 years [...]

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How to start a cleaning business for under $500

7 key purchases for starting your own residential cleaning businessOne of the great things about the cleaning industry is you can get started for very little money. After several years of meeting with hundreds of cleaning business owners, I have noticed that those that start with the least money are usually more successful in the long [...]

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NY fourth state to add paid parental leave to employers' FMLA obligations

FMLA and paid family leave affects small businesses with 50+ employees this year or last year.While a large percentage of cleaning businesses are too small to be covered by Family and Medical Leave Act requirement, those with 50+ employees for at least 20 weeks of the year do. According to the NPR's Jennifer Ludden, "the [...]

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5 Great content marketing topics for your blog

Don't drop your blog writing now! Keep your website SEO growing with regular, short articles and share them to your social sites.Consumer expert Geoff Williams interviewed a variety of types of customers of residential cleaning services to find out what the key value is for them - in other words, what makes the personal expense [...]

CompleteMarkets.com Helps Cleaning Businesses Find Affordable Insurance from Local, Independent Agents

Cleaning companies unique requirements for insurance coverage - harsh chemicals, transportation and storageBIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. -- Dry cleaners, laundromats and other cleaning businesses such as carpet cleaners have always had  a hard time finding affordable liability insurance for their companies. These businesses have environmental concerns – they sometimes use harsh chemicals, have storage tanks, [...]

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Janitors Win Travel Time and Meal Break Lawsuit

Cleaning company ordered to pay $425,000 in missing travel time and other time and wage violationsCapital Building Services Group, based in Illinois, provided the contract janitors for several department stores in Minneapolis, MN. The stores confirmed that the group won the contracts because they could provide the lowest labor costs. The class action lawsuit won [...]

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CBO Charged with Identity Theft over Online Reviews

One CBO's lesson on how NOT to handle bad online reviews.Steve Yun, owner of two online referral services, West Coast Maids and California Maids, has been charged with seven counts of identity theft after he double charged customers who left negative online reviews. In the overcharging, he illegally obtained personal information on four of the [...]

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Guess the Average Number of Days Off Per Injured Worker

OSHA reveals "days away from work" for house cleaners, janitors, and other service jobs.According to data collected by the US Bureau of Labor in 2014, the average number of days an injured home cleaning technicians (or maid) will require off to recover from a work-related injury or illness is seven (7) working days. The good [...]

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Training Wage Introduced for Younger Workers in Michigan

Michigan lawmakers debate the benefits of a lower entry-level wage for workers under 20.Michigan Senate Bill 250, also called "The Workforce Opportunity Wage Act," may allow employers to pay employees under 20 years of age a a wage 15% lower than minimum wage during their training period, up to the first 90 days of employment. [...]

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9 Questions with a Cleaning Business Insurance Expert

What you don't know about business insurance for the cleaning industry could save you a lot of time and money. In the insurance industry, cleaning businesses are a very popular risk to insure. Sadly not many insurance agents know how to properly assess this industry. Many business owners find the questions they get from [...]

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