Every business has three main goals to achieve an increase in revenue. You don’t want to be on the same spot, rather, keep growing your business to increase in revenue. The three (3) main goals include the following:

  1. Increase income by winning more clients
  2. Innovate and create new experiences for existing clients
  3. Keep focus and carry all your cleaners along

Still with the existence of social media and there chatting platforms, texting still tops the list of communication. Texts can be easily sent to both clients and coworkers or employees. In this article, we’ll examine 7 ways to increase revenue in cleaning business via texting.

  1. Communications with your cleaners

In businesses that provide cleaning services, where employees might not need to show up for work before meeting with the allotted client, communication is very vital and can save you and your business, and importantly, increase sales.   A quick text at the start of the day confirming their schedule which the cleaners are required to respond to is a quick and easy way to confirm everyone is up and ready to service their clients.

Instead of phone calls that tend to keep your line and employees’ line busy and not reachable for potential customers, messages will do a whole lot. Directions as to job description can be given and understood in minutes via text messages.

  1. Generation of new leads and clients via SMS chat and click-to-text links

As many as 90% of customers prefer text messages as a means of communication than any other.   There are times such as when a client is in a meeting or on their office phone when they may not be able to talk to you but they can text quickly and easily.   If you have ever been on a long boring conference call I am sure you can see how clients might appreciate being able to get a few errands done without having to talk on the phone.  “If it is a new lead or client for your cleaning services you’ve never communicated with before, you don’t want to intrude on people’s privacy. Thus you should go with texting”, says Jose West, a marketer at Academized and Paper Fellows.

Click-to-text links direct your leads to their messaging app where your phone number appears and they can send direct texts to you. It makes them have confidence that they are chatting with a real person and not a robot on social media apps.

  1. Appointment confirmation with new and existing clients to clean their space

In a matter of seconds or minutes, you can confirm appointments with clients instead of waiting hours. Any client too busy to pick a phone call can easily read a text and message you back.  Many of the CRM software applications available in our industry now include features to automate this.

You have to be sure someone is home before embarking on the journey to avoid being locked out. 99% of texts are read and replied to within 2 minutes of texting. Text messages are a good means to double your cleaning business’ revenue in no time.

  1. Send quotes or estimates of cleaning service instantly to avoid driving to the location

Sometimes, the best way to assess a space to give an accurate estimate is by going physically to the location to see the work to be done. This is time consuming, inconvenient, ineffective and also costly.

This long process can be circumvented by having the client text you pictures (recent ones) of the place, and from there, determine the price and send the estimate to your client in minutes. By doing this, you’ve saved tens to hundreds of hours.

  1. Engagement with past clients to bring high returns

The conversion rate of text messages is between 40-50% which means you can get back about 50% of your clients just by sending bulk SMS. This is a massive increase in revenue.

“All you need to do is offer a better deal than before. If you did a previous good job, it will be easier to convince them. Another good strategy is to give some percentages off, it’s almost irresistible and you will rake-in more cash”, explains Kirsten King, a business analyst at Australian Help and State of writing.

  1. Reservoir of messages for your clients.

When you get on a phone call with customers, like humans that we all are, they might forget some or all the information about your cleaning services like estimates, change of location you gave them. With text messages, they can check back on them and refresh their memory of the info you provided.

  1. Sending details of your cleaners to your client

Not everybody will want strangers into their houses. You can increase the trust of your clients by sending headshots and short details about your cleaner to your clients. This builds trust and confidence in your services.  This is great for those little details you don’t want them to forget.

It is clear beyond doubt that text messaging is a vital tool in cleaning services to increase sales and revenue. All kinds of stats are in support of this claim. Therefore, scale up your business with this amazing tool.

Molly Crockett is a tech security and marketing blogger for UK Writings and Essay Roo. Molly’s writing focuses on how businesses can help protect themselves against the threats at large. She is always seeking ways to help develop writing and research skills in young people, and she teaches for Boom Essays, an online writing service.

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