Thriving During Times of Trouble: ISSA Show 2020

Liz Trotter's talk can be summarized by the quote she gave at the very beginning of her presentation. It comes from Vinod Khosla who said, “Any problem is an opportunity. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.”. The theme of this talk was decided upon well before the onset of COVID-19. However, as the year progressed, Liz [...]

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How Business Leaders Succeeded during COVID-19: ISSA Show 2020

When Covid-19 started to become a reality in America, it was devastating. Especially so for small businesses. As most cleaning companies are small businesses, it hit this industry hard. Everything was up in the air. Especially at the beginning when people were not sure who counted as essential, who would get government assistance, and [...]

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How To Run A Cleaning Business Remotely

This week on Smart Business Moves Chris Schwab joins Tom and Liz to bring his expertise in running a business remotely. Chris lives in London and runs a cleaning business in the United States. Watch this episode of Smart Business Moves to learn how Chris handles his business from across the world including handling how [...]

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Cleaning Business Email Ideas For Every Month

Sometimes customers just need a reason to spend their hard-earned cash.  But who said the reason always had to be a good one? Here are a few ideas for emails you can send out each month. *These ideas tend to focus on American holidays, so use this as an inspiration and use holidays and [...]

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Tell It Like It Is Tuesday With Mark Baker

Mark Baker, Founder, and CEO of  Motivated Maids comes on to Smart Business Moves to speak his mind about the industry. In this great episode, Mark and Liz get into it about turnover rates of the industry, outsourcing. and more. Mark goes in deep on the cost of running a business, what the cost [...]

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How To Get Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker's compensation is a very important, yet often overlooked aspect of running a business. For those who don't know, worker's compensation, also known as workers comp, is insurance for when something harmful happens to an employee on the job. Sometimes this can be expensive, so insurance may be required. Worker's compensation doesn't include everything, [...]

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How To Successfully Use Facebook Ads

There’s no denying that 'Facebook Ads' is one of the best ways to get your business in front of your customers, especially when you’re a cleaning business looking to grow and expand. Facebook is personal, connected, and allows you to reach your customers directly, as long as you’re using the features properly. To help you [...]

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Automating Your Cleaning Business

Royce Ard joins Smart Business Moves to bring his perspective on automating cleaning companies from years of experience in various fields. Royce gives his methods for automating, marketing, the hiring process, and more! We all come from different entrepreneurial perspectives and we are given a very helpful look into the point of view of an [...]

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ARCSI Launches Online Learning Platform for Residential Cleaning Professionals

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, more commonly known as ARCSI has just announced its brand new learning and training portal, ARCSI Learning. This platform is for residential cleaning companies who want to improve their business and their employees' safety. ARCSI Learning's major attraction is the PHC or the Professional House Cleaning Certification. [...]

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