From IT to Cleaning Business Owner: David Liu

This episode of Smart Business Moves brings on David Liu, a cleaning business owner out of California. in this episode, David shares his strange journey from his corporate beginnings, to his current cleaning company gigs. This video is not only great for anyone who has interest in starting their own business, but  also for up [...]

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4 Ways To Use Instagram To Promote Your House Cleaning Business

In recent years, Instagram has taken over as the top social media platform to date, along with its counterpart Facebook. While Facebook allows people and brands to monetize their pages, Instagram takes social media marketing to a whole new level, with annual incomes of $100,000 or more.  Now, when it comes to house cleaning [...]

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4 Benefits And Taxes You Should Discuss With Your Employee

Employers must provide basic benefits to employees, including complying with workers' compensation requirements and contributing to state short-term disability programs. There are also benefits that can be given based on the employer's discretion. Employers offer competitive employment packages to attract the best talents and establish loyalty within the company. But are all benefits taxable [...]

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Gemma Shares Social Media Knowledge

This episode of Smart Business Moves brings on special guest Gemma from Rejoice Maids! Gemma is a bonafide marketing expert who has been putting in a lot of time and energy in marketing her business. Gemma shares her strategy of marketing on social media and in particular, Instagram. Watch this episode by clicking the link [...]

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Keywords Aren’t Enough Anymore

When it comes down to making sure your company is showing up on Google searches, there’s no reason to skimp on your website. This is especially so for keywords and optimizing your webpages. Today, you can’t just have good keywords. You have to answer your customers’ questions.  The way Google now rates websites, your [...]

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Dream Big Award Finalists Announced

The United States Chamber of Commerce just announced its finalists for their Dream Big Award, and there are two finalists that you might recognize.  The Dream Big Award is given to 8 small businesses in varied categories who exemplify what it means to be a small business. For the Chamber of Commerce, that means any [...]

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Smart Business Moves Juno Summit

This episode of Smart Business Moves is a little different than the normal episode. With a whole plethora of guests joining, including Debbie Sadone, Elena Ledoux, Heather Canning, and Trisha Lake. This super powered episode is special because it is about the Juno summit which is a cleaning business summit designed to teach about the [...]

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Town & Country Stays on the Front Edge of Cleaning Homes with ProTeam

Town & Country Cleaning Services has been an industry leader in the Chapel Hill area for 29 years. Jon Lorbacher, Operations Manager for the last three years, believes strongly in Town & Country’s commitment to innovation. This commitment is why Town & Country made the switch to ProTeam ® vacuums over a decade ago. [...]

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8 Ways to Eliminate Mold in Your Home

Regardless of how expensive your home is, you’re bound to experience several problems when you become a homeowner. With this responsibility, you’re expected to pay attention to different areas of your property and hire pros to repair or replace any damages right away. The bigger your home is, the more challenging it’ll be for [...]

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Going Start-Up To Commercial

This episode of Smart Business Moves features guest Sandy Bollo. Sandy talks about her journey starting out as a stay at home mom to her today, doing commercial jobs. Tom, Liz and Sandy all share their experiences starting out and growing as a small cleaning business. Listen to them talk about finances, hiring and keeping [...]

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