Professional House Cleaning During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is in the news and many people have questions about how it will affect them and their families. By understanding the background and characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and reviewing cleaning processes through the lens of targeted hygiene, Residential Cleaning Professionals can confidently answer questions about what steps they are taking to keep themselves and their clients safe from infection.

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The Latest Trends in Homes and How To Clean Them from Surfaces 2020

Surfaces 2020 was an annual show for the people that make the things which go in the homes we clean. Bruce Vance reports on the trends that we will see how how it effects us as cleaning companies.

How to Find Home Cleaning Employees in an Extremely Tight Labor Market

In this sponsored video Shawn Day of Blue Skies Services shares some of the secrets they have learned while recruiting employees for over 100 cleaning companies nationwide.  We are in the tightest labor market in modern times.    The jobs we have to fill are high on manual labor and low on glamour and [...]

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7 ways to increase revenue from cleaning services via text

Every business has three main goals to achieve an increase in revenue. You don’t want to be on the same spot, rather, keep growing your business to increase in revenue. The three (3) main goals include the following: Increase income by winning more clients Innovate and create new experiences for existing clients Keep focus and [...]

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How to Choose an Green/Eco Cleaning Product

Eco cleaning has taken the cleaning world by storm over the past 10 years. While awareness has increased through blogging and social sharing, eco cleaning has actually been around for a long time. While we may tend to think of natural products as something that’s new and maybe even a little bit hippie, our grandparents [...]

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How to Promote a Cleaning Business Through Social Media

With the advent of social media, marketing, and promotion of products and services has taken a more straightforward and exciting turn. With the millions of users on different social media platforms, marketing your cleaning business online should be effortless, fun, and fulfilling. It is vital to know the right platform to use. When and what [...]

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Learn How One Cleaning Business Owner Sold Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Holiday Gift Cards

Matt Ricketts of Better Life Maids sells $30,000 and more in gift cards every Christmas season. In this webinar he explains how he does it.

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