3 Things You Must Do to Keep High-End Clients

Critical steps your company must take to get and hold onto your most valuable customersOne of the cleaning jobs I landed when I started my cleaning business was in a larger, high-end home where my employees and I worked side-by-side with the housekeeper.  I’ll never forget the first day we carefully made the beds only [...]

Small Problems that Become Big Issues

Find their pain and fix it. Rinse and Repeat. As most cleaning contractors know, there is invariably something that happens or something that is not happening that triggers a client to take bids and consider hiring a new cleaning contractor. Sometimes it’s a rate increase. When this happens, many managers are required to take bids [...]

The Customer Is Always Right, Right?

Don’t believe it, but make sure your client thinks she’s right.Every time I hear this, I cringe because I know the conversation will turn into a discussion about how true the statement is rather than on what it means. Whether it’s true is NOT what’s important. It doesn’t mean that EVERY customer is right about [...]

What Business Are We Really In?

As an industry, we are, and always will be, remembered not for 99% of things we got right, but for the 1% of things we got wrong.At first glance the answer to this question “What business are we really in?” may seem so obvious that it is barely worth addressing, but first glances can often [...]

Training Your Cleaning Staff on Customer Service and Sales

If you aren’t including customer service training – even professional reading – for your staff, you may be losing more business than you’re gaining. Often the focus of training is on getting different areas of the house or office cleaned in a specific way, with specific products, to meet a specific time allotment – all [...]

Focusing on Cleaning Could Be Hurting Your Business

Creating a company of value will depend on your ability and willingness to take your training programs to the next level.It is universally accepted that an excellent training program is a key part of creating an environment of success, especially in the service sectors. Deciding what to include in your training program can be a [...]

My Pet Peeve: Customers Who Lie

Be the company your customers come back to, even when they lie to you.One of my biggest pet peeves is customers who lie to us. I am amazed by the lack of honesty and the ownership that people fail to take for their own actions any more. One of the major advantages of working from [...]

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