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NY fourth state to add paid parental leave to employers' FMLA obligations

FMLA and paid family leave affects small businesses with 50+ employees this year or last year.While a large percentage of cleaning businesses are too small to be covered by Family and Medical Leave Act requirement, those with 50+ employees for at least 20 weeks of the year do. According to the NPR's Jennifer Ludden, "the [...]

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12 cleaning upsells for 12 months – part 2

It’s never too late to implement your upselling strategy. Get yourself ready with these campaign ideas for July – December.As you’re pulling up to the end of the first quarter or 2016, let’s finish up a year’s worth of monthly upselling and cross-selling campaigns. Remember, you can choose to run your program less frequently – [...]

5 Changes that Enhanced Our Convention and Trade Show Experience

It's only one week - that annual convention and trade show - so how you spend your time is critical for both your immediate enjoyment and your long-term success through the next year.As I reflect on our editorial focus for November – Making Changes – I can’t help but stop and flip through my fresh [...]

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5 Ways to Win the Game of Reviews

Cleaning up your customer service and your quality procedures are key to getting great reviews online – and upgrading the not-so-good ones.In March 2014, it looked like the online review landscape might be changed when Joe Hadeed, owner of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, won a suit against Yelp that would require Yelp to release the legal [...]

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How to Be the Biggest Cleaning Business in Town

Starting out in a small town didn’t mean phClean owner Sara Martin had to be just another small town business.CBT: When, why and how did you get your start in the cleaning industry and with phClean?  SM: My dad was a farmer, and I married my first husband after three years of university classes in [...]

Stop Asking the Wrong Questions about Pricing Your Service

Each company’s pricing sweet spot is different, so dig in to the full complexity of figuring up your perfect service price for your market.Yes! Yes, there is a WRONG question to ask about pricing your service. You know it already. You’ve seen it a million times on LinkedIn boards, on Facebook, in listservs, at conferences. [...]

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Happy Birthday,CBT! Our First Year in Review

CBT celebrates its first year of delivering the best news and business information to cleaning business owners.[EasyDNNnewsToken:Left Justify Embed 300 x 250]As we release the thirteenth issue of Cleaning Business Today, we reflect on the wonders of our first year of bringing you breaking news, unique insights, hidden issues, videos and downloads of business tools, [...]

3 Declining Metrics You WANT to Have

Sometimes, when things are looking down, it’s time to smile. The lower you can get these three metrics, the faster you can reach those higher goals.As a society, we are well conditioned to focus on “up is good; down is bad” as a general rule of judging measurement, especially when talking about business. You know [...]

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Strength in Numbers: Virtual Maid Service Marketplaces on the Rise

Two of the biggest names in e-commerce are getting into the online marketplace.The virtual maid service movement is coming into full swing with eBay (Nasdaq:EBAY) and Angie’s List (Nasdaq:ANGI) moving into the online marketplace – connecting consumers more directly with maid service providers, including the ability to book and pay online. In 2013, eBay tested [...]

By |2014-02-26T19:41:36-05:00February 26th, 2014|Sales and Marketing, Technology|

Insider Voices: Leading the Support Staff Inside Your Cleaning Business

Three internal leaders/managers talk candidly to owners about being the “middle child” in the cleaning industry.It should not be surprising that with more than 30 years’ experience between us with our current cleaning business owner/bosses that we’d say that our current boss is the best leader we have ever worked with. Who are we? We are [...]

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