Americans Love Gift Cards

(Article sponsored by The Gift of Clean) Americans love gift cards!  According to the Retail Gift Card Association, we will spend $150 BILLION on gift cards this year.   The Blackhawk Network’s 2018 research report indicates 21% of that total will be spent during the upcoming Mother’s Day buying cycle alone.   The National Retail Federation [...]

Hartong joins CBT and The Gift of Clean

Ernie Hartong, former Executive Director of ARCSI, has started EJH Consulting.  He will currently be working with Cleaning Business Today on their advertising sales.  Hartong will also be working with the Gift of Clean, a Chicago based universal gift card company that has developed a gift card program for cleaning companies. “After ten years [...]

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Interview with Amber Starling: Because of HCT…

Amber Starling is a convert. She and two supervisors (crew bosses in her shop) earned their House Cleaning Technician certifications with the IICRC last November at the ARCSI/ISSA convention. And this year she is sending up to 6 employees plus her new partner for certification during the 2019 convention. We chased down Amber, founder [...]

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How to compete on value in an on-demand world

  Sure, it’s convenient for consumers to order up stuff on an electronic device, even cleaning service. According to HomeAdvisor professional house cleaners can cost anywhere from $50 – 90 per hour on average. Whether or not you believe these numbers, that’s a big spread. So how to consumers know how to place value [...]

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There’s a right way to do everything

House Cleaning Technician certification through IICRC is the right way to set yourself up for success. Next class: April 5-6, 2019. There is a right way to do everything. And the IICRC aims to determine what that is and document, teach, test and certify professional technicians in a variety of fields supporting home and [...]

Culture: Compete for the best employees and win

Q & A with David Kiser   There are lots of reasons why people hire a specific residential cleaning service, but only two reasons why they fire one: (1) poor cleaning quality, or (2) something else. Which is to say that cleaning companies commonly lose business for things that go wrong that have nothing [...]

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Service Trends: Cleaning for an aging population

6 reasons to understand how the aging brain affects our interactions with senior customers   One out of five U.S. families is dealing with dementia today. In 15 years one out of two families will be dealing with dementia.[i] Whether serving a multi-generational household or a couple of 65+ empty nesters, cleaning companies will [...]

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Cleaning Industry Benchmarks – Foundations 10

Free Download - House Cleaning Industry Benchmarks It is important for any house cleaning company to have a general understanding of industry benchmarks.   More important, cleaning business owners should understand how their business stacks up to these benchmarks.  Most important is knowing how to use these numbers to improve the performance of your [...]

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Set Clear Expectations For Happy Customers

You can deliver what you think is great service and still have unhappy customers if you are giving them something other than what they are expecting.

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