How to Write a Cleaning Service Estimate that Wins More Contracts

A cleaning service company estimate is an important tool that can be used to drive home points, detailing your competitive advantage to potential clients. When writing a cleaning service estimate, you can sell your services to the client and be awarded the contract without having to lower your prices. The following are some tips [...]

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Paul Fried Shares Marketing Tips

Paul Fried joins Smart Business Moves with another very interesting episode about Paul's cleaning business. This episode does a deep dive into Paul Fried's businesses, specifically his Maid In service and how he markets them. Watch this video and see all the effective and interesting ways Paul markets for his company. His marketing was [...]

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Google My Business listings for Cleaning Companies

Google can be a fickle mistress. How do they figure out how to put your company on their map?  Here are some tips we’ve gathered about Google Maps and Google My Business.  When it comes to searching for a service online, you want your business to be high as possible. You also want your business [...]

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Smart Business Moves- On the Spot with Paul Fried 6/12/2020

Smart Business Moves comes at you again with a great episode with Paul Fried. Paul shares why the pandemic was a blessing and a curse for him, and how he adapted. The crew also does a fun new segment called On the Spot, where they answer rapid fire questions asked by the audience in [...]

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SEO Tips for your Cleaning Business

For any business, search engine optimization is vital for driving traffic to your website. It ultimately increases leads that can help you drive sales.  While it is a lot of work, once it’s done it drives a continuous source of leads which can drive your growth for years,  But all websites are not created [...]

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Smart Business Moves- Black Lives Matter edition

Alonzo Adams, a cleaning business owner from Philadelphia, joins the Smart Business Moves crew for an extremely topical Black Lives Matter episode. Alonzo shares his views on the state of cleaning businesses today in relation to black communities in America. If you don't know what you can do to help during this time of turmoil,  [...]

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4 Add-Ons To Help Your Cleaning Company.

Home cleaning is a great service especially if you get those ongoing clients that give you a nice constant revenue stream. However, sometimes in smaller markets you can run out of room to grow. It is often easier to sell more to your current customers than it is to keep chasing more clients. As [...]

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Smart Business Moves- Daily Update 6/10/2020

Matt Ricketts joins Tom and Liz once again on Smart Business Moves on our Facebook live-stream. With big changes to the PPP, we all need some updates. Matt, Tom and Liz go into a deep dive to clear things up for you and your cleaning business. The gang also discusses the latest in SBA [...]

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5 Ways To Get Good Public Relations for Your Cleaning Business

There’s a saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad press.” Unfortunately, not all of us can afford bad public relations like P.T. Barnum.  You might be able to handle bad press if you’re running an actual circus, but most people won’t pay for your cleaning services if they think you’re no good [...]

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Shawn Day Introduces Blue Skies Stimulus plan deal!

Shawn Day appeared on a webinar with Ernie Hartong this week, talking about the state of hiring today. Shawn Day shares very interesting insights in regards to hiring for cleaning businesses. He also has presents an offer by Blue Skies where you can sign up for his Blue Skies Stimulus Plan deal! You can [...]

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