The 5 Pillars of Culture

Creating a thriving and cohesive work culture is essential for any organization's success. An effective work culture fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity while promoting teamwork and innovation. To achieve this, companies often rely on the foundation of the "Five Pillars of Culture." These pillars shape the collective values and beliefs that guide behavior [...]

Checklist for successful managing

5 ways to gauge how effectively you’re managing your cleaning business There are literally thousands of successful janitorial companies.  But not everyone has a successful business. Many people struggle on a day-to-day basis, and there are business owners who think their business is doing great but don’t realize they are treading water at best. [...]

NSA offers ways to reduce cleaning costs for contractors and managers

Ways that cleaning contractors and building managers can help reduce their cleaning supply costsCharlotte, NC - Reducing cleaning costs is a common goal for building managers and cleaning contractors. Traditionally, the focus is on minimizing labor expenditures when building managers and contractors seek to lower expenses.  But reducing supply costs can also prove to be [...]

How to go paperless with your field technicians

6 decisions, 3 free apps, and 1 critical purchase that will save you money and make your transition to mobile devices smooth Six Decisions Whether or not to purchase devices Going paperless does not necessarily mean that you have to buy a tablet or a smart phone for every cleaning tech, carpet tech, or team [...]

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