The 5 Pillars of Culture

Creating a thriving and cohesive work culture is essential for any organization's success. An effective work culture fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity while promoting teamwork and innovation. To achieve this, companies often rely on the foundation of the "Five Pillars of Culture." These pillars shape the collective values and beliefs that guide behavior [...]

Running a Business: Take your own advice

When you just start your first business, you know - well, pretty much nothing!  You aren’t ashamed of that - generally, you are too busy trying to not go broke.  You are learning everything you can - like a sponge, soaking up all the advice you can and working as much as you can [...]

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Cleaning Business Today: June 2015

In the June issue, CBT looks at business technology, including an article on 3 ways that business owners are doing Facebook all wrong."Statistics show that Facebook posts without hashtags perform more than 50% better than posts with hashtags. The more hashtags you add to a Facebook post, the less likely it is to be seen." [...]

Cleaning Business Today: May 2015

May's focus is on business growth. Plus we provide survey results of our readers' favorite cleaning products.Derek Christian, co-publisher of Cleaning Business Today, writes, "There are many paths to business growth. One tried-and-true method is to add more services to your company, and this month we have a great article on organization services." The cover [...]

Cleaning Business Today: April 2015

The April issue of CBT calls for readers to vote for their favorite cleaning products.In the April issue of Cleaning Business Today, the magazine introduces their new "Best of" Awards, and calls for cleaning professionals to vote for their favorite cleaning products and equipment. Results of this survey will be published over the coming months [...]

Cleaning Business Today: March 2015

The March issue of CBT focuses on leadership.Merriam-Webster defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people.” I find this definition less than useful, but I’ll take it as an affirmation that leadership is an abstract concept that is difficult to describe, much less achieve.  No one should argue that leadership is a [...]

Cleaning Business Today: February 2015

Issue focuses on making smart investments in people, equipment and trainingCastle Keepers, we're well known for the holding ourselves to a high standard of customer service. It's how we have grown to be the area's largest independent residential cleaning service. Frequently residents of the Lowcountry find us by word of mouth, as our customers recommend [...]

Kristie Smith is Awesome

Or at least she thinks she isThis is the body of the article. Kristy kicks butt and takes names later.  This is the body of the article. Kristy kicks butt and takes names later.  This is the body of the article. Kristy kicks butt and takes names later.  This is the body of the article. [...]

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Cleaning Business Today: January 2015

The new year begins with a focus on employee training.At Castle Keepers training is a big deal, and for that reason we are excited to see employee training take center stage in the January 2015 issue of Cleaning Business Today. A comprehensive employee training program, such as that at Castle Keepers, benefits everyone involved: the [...]

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Cleaning Business Today: December 2014

Last issue of 2014 addresses business planning for the coming yearIn the December 2014 issue of Cleaning Business Today, several articles discuss business planning for 2015. Running any successful business requires thoughtful planning. Contributor Derek Christian notes, however, that "the best plan is an imperfect plan." Tom Stewart of Castle Keepers goes deep into the [...]

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