6 Areas In Your Commercial Space You Probably Miss Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your commercial space, it’s easy to focus on the major areas like the façade, entryway, reception, guest receiving, and bathrooms. Cleaners may spend every day polishing up those areas repeatedly at the expense of neglecting those areas in your commercial space. If you take a good look now, you may [...]

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The Problem with Indoor Air Quality

When we think about the amount of contaminants inside a home it is little wonder that asthma and allergies are on the rise. There is regular, tracked-in dirt. But there are also microscopic contaminants that make their way indoors on the bottom of our shoes as residues and particulates too small to see with the naked eye. While cleaning businesses can't stop these unwanted guests from entering, we can add value to families that need help keeping this problem contained.

Part 2: Green Cleaning – Educating Customers

The authenticity of your green cleaning program depends on two things – the completeness of your green protocol and how you talk about it. The former is addressed in Part 4. This article details decisions related to your public messaging about green cleaning. The three main areas are legality of claims, removing consumer bias [...]

Part 4 – Green Cleaning Service Delivery

At the heart of the decisions about your green cleaning protocols is really who you want to be as a company (see Part 1). “For me, the criteria had to do with my comfort level with the solution ingredients and with the company making them. Did they align with my human rights and environmentalism [...]

Service Trends: Cleaning for an aging population

6 reasons to understand how the aging brain affects our interactions with senior customers One out of five U.S. families is dealing with dementia today. In 15 years one out of two families will be dealing with dementia.[i] Whether serving a multi-generational household or a couple of 65+ empty nesters, cleaning companies will encounter [...]

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