When it comes to cleaning your commercial space, it’s easy to focus on the major areas like the façade, entryway, reception, guest receiving, and bathrooms. Cleaners may spend every day polishing up those areas repeatedly at the expense of neglecting those areas in your commercial space. If you take a good look now, you may have a problem with areas that have become a collection site of dirt, dust, and grime.

If you want to have an overall clean commercial space, be informed of the small details. Most importantly, now that there’s a higher emphasis on proper hygiene and sanitation. Every corner in your commercial area counts. Continuous neglect of those areas will make them unpleasant and dirty. In the long run, it may even affect your property’s value. Also, neglected areas can make your place old and obsolete. This way, you will have to spend on a series of serious renovations.

As you create your cleaning plan for your commercial space, be sure not to forget these commonly neglected areas:

  1. Gutter

First on this list are your gutters. When the colder months start to unfold, building owners will have to struggle to get their gutters cleaned. In tropical countries, the colder months refers to the rainy season. Rain and snow are the hardest for your gutters because of the weight they can bring. However, there might still be many commercial space owners who forget or neglect cleaning their gutters. 

Since gutter cleaning is a dangerous and specialized task, it’s better to leave this to the experts. Not only are you are assured of a good quality result, but a safe one, too.

  1. Real Or Fake Plants

Commercial buildings have plants, too, as it makes the space more pleasing to visitors. Whether it is real or fake plants, it depends on your company and the availability of a housekeeping team solely dedicated to taking care of those plants. 

For your real plants, you still have to wipe the leaves with water and a soft cloth. It also means wiping the pots and the ground area where the pots are. For fake plants, they need to be cleaned regularly. It may add beauty to your commercial space however, they’re also prone to collecting dust. The beauty your plants bring should never be at the expense of having good indoor air quality.

  1. Knobs, Handles, And Switches

Do you take time to thoroughly clean the knobs, handles, and switches in your commercial building? Especially nowadays, there’s an even more pressing need to clean those high-touch areas more frequently than you may have done so in the past. 

These are the perfect spreading ground for bacteria and viruses, as many individuals touch those throughout the day. Be sure to use an antibacterial cleaner for those areas, as it’ll need all the extra cleaning it can get.

  1. Books

Some commercial spaces will have areas where there are shelves for books, files, magazines, and other documents. Do your cleaners also take the time to go through those areas? It doesn’t entail wiping the shelves alone; you should have to go through each book. Those are top collectors of dust, especially when those books are not regularly open.  

Make it part of the cleaning routine to vacuum the areas where the books are. Shake out each page to let the dust-out and give the shelves a good wipe down.

  1. Grass Peeking Through Cracks

When was the last time you went around your commercial perimeters and inspected the parking areas? Perhaps there are asphalt cracks where weeds and grass are now starting to grow. Make it a point to inform your gardener about giving attention to those areas as well. 

Those weeds need to be root out; otherwise, they may even damage your parking area in the long run. Moreover, in time, the weeds will look unsightly. Your commercial property will look unpolished and untidy, creating a dull impression to would-be customers and passersby.

  1. Areas Behind Large Equipment And The Equipment Itself

Commercial spaces will most likely have large equipment. These include printers, scanners, and photocopying machines. That equipment takes up space that may be hard to clean. But, if you want your office cleaned, you can’t neglect those spots: usually under and behind each piece of equipment. Then, there’s the equipment itself. Each will also have to be cleaned regularly. 

In doing so, however, be sure the cleaners know precisely how to take care of and clean that equipment. It’s a specialized cleaning chore to ensure none of the equipment gets damaged when cleaning.


Now that you’re aware of some of the most commonly neglected areas when cleaning your commercial space. You can also do inspections and check whether or not you disregard those in your place.  It’s not too late to improve your cleaning system and checklist. Whether you have an upcoming inspection or not, it pays to be ready thorough out your cleaning sessions consistently. It’s not just about doing some inspections, it’s also about ensuring your commercial space is always safe and clean for all of your guests and visitors within your premises.