Cleaning Business Today and Home Advisor help you save.

Cleaning Business Today is happy to announce their partnership with Home Advisor. With this partnership you can save cash while using their amazing service to connect with customers. If you join Home Advisor with the link HOMEADVISOR.COM/CLEANINGBUSINESSTODAY you will recieve 25% off market match leads for the first 30 days after enrollment and a 5% [...]

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Deadly Chemical Spill at Buffalo Wild Wings- What we can learn.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a manager at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Your employee started to clean up in the back but refused to continue because the cleaning product was starting to bubble and change colors. You know that’s not good but, well, it can’t just sit there. The job’s got to [...]

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Daily Briefing: SBM During the Corona Pandemic- With Matt Ricketts

Cleaning Business Today's live stream Smart Business Moves is joined by business owner Matt Ricketts to discuss certain strategies involved with running a business during a pandemic. As always these sessions can be watched live and for free on our Facebook page. Also make sure to join our private Facebook Group, Your Cleaning Business Today, [...]

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Home Cleaning Company Closed down as non-essential service

Before the COVID 19 “Safer at Home” order Roger Borges and Mine Ekenler of Legacy House Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI had 35 employees.  The order came out in March.   Legacy’s business immediately drop by 75%.  The drop was client driven.  Some just did not want anyone in their home, some felt they could get by [...]

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Running a Business: Take your own advice

When you just start your first business, you know - well, pretty much nothing!  You aren’t ashamed of that - generally, you are too busy trying to not go broke.  You are learning everything you can - like a sponge, soaking up all the advice you can and working as much as you can [...]

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Daily Briefing: SBM in a World with Covid-19

Cleaning Business Today has continued our daily Facebook live sessions on smart business moves in the world with Covid 19.  The topics change every day and we have not published a schedule because things change so fast the topic depends on what is going on in the world but these events are 100% free [...]

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Professional House Cleaning During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is in the news and many people have questions about how it will affect them and their families. By understanding the background and characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and reviewing cleaning processes through the lens of targeted hygiene, Residential Cleaning Professionals can confidently answer questions about what steps they are taking to keep themselves and their clients safe from infection.

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The Latest Trends in Homes and How To Clean Them from Surfaces 2020

Surfaces 2020 was an annual show for the people that make the things which go in the homes we clean. Bruce Vance reports on the trends that we will see how how it effects us as cleaning companies.

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