Dave Murray From DiJulius Group Shares Customer Service Tips

This episode of Smart Business Moves features guest Dave Murray from the DiJulius Group. The DiJulius group is a company that helps large organizations such as Chick-Fil-A, Harley Davidson, Starbucks, and The Ritz-Carlton improve their customer service. During this awesome episode, Dave gives us all tips his company uses to improve customer service. To [...]

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Changes to ISSA Show 2020 North America

Here’s everything you need to know about the changes to the ISSA Show 2020 North America, in summary.  Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the ISSA Show North America 2020 has changed its location to Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Why Nevada? The ISSA believes Las Vegas has proven itself [...]

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11 Tips For Cleaning Commercial a Bathroom

Let's face it: everyone has had an encounter with a dirty commercial bathroom. The biggest complaints tend to be lack of toilet paper, a foul odor, broken stall doors, clogged toilets, and a generally dirty appearance. One survey found that over 90% of Americans would consider a commercial restroom dirty if it had sticky [...]

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How To Let Your Employees Shine – Smart Business Moves Featuring Ajia Holiday

This week's Smart Business Moves features  Cleaning Business Today fan favorite, Ajia Holiday who joined the live stream to talk about how she got to end up a $2 million branch manager. Through her employers trust and willingness to let her shine, they slowly but surely built a very successful cleaning business. Watch this episode [...]

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6 Ways To Use Video Marketing Properly

Video marketing has become one of the popular ways to promote your services. The cleaning industry holds approximately 875,000 businesses and had a forecasted 7% growth rate from 2018 to 2028 as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics. These numbers are enough to say that this industry is facing a lot of competition. To [...]

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Outsourced: How To Get Administrative Help From Overseas

This week, Greg Shepard of Dallas Maids joins the Smart Business Moves team to talk about the way he recruits administrative talent. For Greg, he found that there is a huge pool of talented workers across the globe who want to do good work. In fact, he found he can simultaneously make someone else's living [...]

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Squeaky Clean: Top Tips For Marketing Your Cleaning Business On Instagram

Are you on Instagram? This photo-sharing social media platform, with its streamlined UX and super mobile-optimised design has been gradually creeping up on Facebook and Twitter as the dominant platform. With its one billion active monthly users - compared with 2.5 billion for Facebook - it’s not yet truly dominant, yet some are suggesting that [...]

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What Kind of Cleaning Service Are You?

When it comes to cleaning businesses, most can be summed up in one of two categories. Usually, you're either consumer, or you're commercial. But what do these names mean? Consumer is exactly what it sounds like. You're cleaning directly for the everyday consumer. The individual household or apartment. This can include many different things, [...]

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Smart Business Moves with Courtney Wisely

Smart Business Moves with Tim and Liz brings on special guest Courtney Wisely this week. Courtney shares all kinds of information including some things about her class. The class helps any business owner become slightly more tech savvy and will help your business become better at automation! She begins with technical foundations, then focuses [...]

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