The Green Cleaning Issue – Prologue

Although green cleaning has been around since the 1970’s it is still not a mainstream concept, broadly speaking. While there are certain US markets where environmentalism is woven into the ethos of the community they are still in the minority. Even the eco-minded don’t necessarily view their cleaning products as having a real impact [...]

Part 1: Green Cleaning – It’s Your Business

Anyone can say they clean green. But what does that mean? Many shades of green exist within the spectrum of green cleaning. How green is green? The varied scenarios include businesses that mix their own natural cleaning products (with or without essential oils), contract production of proprietary and custom blends, buy manufactured green formulas, [...]

Part 3: Green Cleaning – Engaging Employees

Probably every residential cleaning service has a few cleaning technicians that are packing “heat” – in this case contraband super-cleaners like bleach – beneath the passenger seat, just for special occasions. So it stands to follow that changing up your entire chemistry, especially to green products, will not be without a few relapses. The [...]

Part 4 – Green Cleaning Service Delivery

At the heart of the decisions about your green cleaning protocols is really who you want to be as a company (see Part 1). “For me, the criteria had to do with my comfort level with the solution ingredients and with the company making them. Did they align with my human rights and environmentalism [...]

Cleaning Business Today: May 2015

May's focus is on business growth. Plus we provide survey results of our readers' favorite cleaning products.Derek Christian, co-publisher of Cleaning Business Today, writes, "There are many paths to business growth. One tried-and-true method is to add more services to your company, and this month we have a great article on organization services." The cover [...]

Cleaning Business Today: April 2015

The April issue of CBT calls for readers to vote for their favorite cleaning products.In the April issue of Cleaning Business Today, the magazine introduces their new "Best of" Awards, and calls for cleaning professionals to vote for their favorite cleaning products and equipment. Results of this survey will be published over the coming months [...]

Cleaning Business Today: March 2015

The March issue of CBT focuses on leadership.Merriam-Webster defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people.” I find this definition less than useful, but I’ll take it as an affirmation that leadership is an abstract concept that is difficult to describe, much less achieve.  No one should argue that leadership is a [...]

Cleaning Business Today: February 2015

Issue focuses on making smart investments in people, equipment and trainingCastle Keepers, we're well known for the holding ourselves to a high standard of customer service. It's how we have grown to be the area's largest independent residential cleaning service. Frequently residents of the Lowcountry find us by word of mouth, as our customers recommend [...]

Castle Keepers' Journey with CIMS

Becoming the best cleaning company in the Lowcountry means we have to dig deep into the details of our business.Currently, Castle Keepers is undergoing its third CIMS-GB review and renewal. CIMS stands for Cleaning Industry Management Standard, and the GB addition stands for Green Building. But why would we spend the time and money to get a CIMS certification? Unlike [...]

Cleaning Products Can Cause Harm to Your Health: What You Can Do

Many of the cleaners that you might use on an everyday basis contain toxic chemicals which can lead to short term problems like eye and skin irritation, as well as long term problems like asthma, birth defects, and cancerWhen you think of the happy children and smiling mothers in cleaning product commercials, can you imagine [...]

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