Michigan based cleaning company jump starts their business in 2018

Julie Vincent and Katie Postema of Coastal Clean on the challenges and adventure that are Foundations of Success Julie Vincent and Katie Postema of Coastal Clean in SW Michigan are among 17 cleaning business owners attending Foundations Jump Start this week in Charleston, SC. This yearly event is presented by Tom Stewart, Derek Christian, and [...]

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5 interview questions and tips you probably aren’t using and should

Some out of the box questions for job applicants - by Nancy Friedman Sometimes companies hire people because they’re breathing. We all get desperate. And it’s not fair to anyone – the prospective employee, the current employee, the employer, the entire company and eventually the customer. If you interview applicants, you know, of course, [...]

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How to track results in your cleaning business

Running a home cleaning business is tough but what helps is knowing your results.  In this recording Derek Christian, a partner at http://www.castle-keepers.com discusses how to measure the results in your business.   Because once you understand those key measures for your business, you can know at all times how you are really doing. Derek Christian [...]

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IRS issues new guidelines for tax withholding

Feb. 15, 2018 deadline looms for employers The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released new guidelines on tax withholding from employees' paychecks. Notice 1036 reflects recent changes in tax law. The IRS requires employers to implement new withholding tables by February 15, 2018, less than a month from CBT's publication date. Notice 1036 can be viewed or [...]

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How to compete with large companies as a small cleaning company owner

It should be your priority to get your company on the first page of search results and keep it there. Regardless of the nature of your business, being seen on the Internet is a highly recommended way to getting more calls from paying customers. This includes customers who are not looking for you specifically, [...]

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How to work with your spouse without killing each other

Natura Clean owner Kris Koenig looks back on a year of working through differences to strengthen both her marriage and her business. When I look back on a year, I look at revenue or clients or something very obvious to see how we’ve grown or changed. In 2017 the biggest change was that my [...]

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Top 10 Cleaning Business Today stories of 2017

From Google Home to Hurricane Harvey, here are stories that impacted the cleaning industry in 2017. The future of the home services industry, part 1 How Google, Amazon, and others are battling it out to control our marketplace Read article The future of the home services industry, part 2 Amazon and Google are using [...]

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9 ways to gain the competitive edge

There are hundreds of ways to do better. Want better ROI? Want to improve your customer service? Here are nine we like. Tight economy! Reduced staff! Demanding customers! These days it’s extra challenging to satisfy and keep customers. It’s even more important than ever because customer loyalty is generally considered the primary engine today [...]

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Case Study: Cluster Booking

Liz Trotter's one-on-one coaching session with Charmin and Mike Henderson explores how to handle clients and scheduling to minimize drive time. Cleaning Business Today's series of Case Studies continues with a discussion about how to most efficiently design your schedule. Drive time between jobs, or windshield time, can be a big expense. In the [...]

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8 tips to help you negotiate better

Those who have a few tips in their back pocket when negotiating have a better chance to move the ball into their court. Everyone negotiates – sometime, somewhere, somehow. From telling the kids, “After you eat your dinner, then you can go play” to the highest business deal out there. Negotiating is real. And [...]

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