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5 interview questions and tips you probably aren’t using and should

Some out of the box questions for job applicants - by Nancy Friedman Sometimes companies hire people because they’re breathing. We all get desperate. And it’s not fair to anyone – the prospective employee, the current employee, the employer, the entire company and eventually the customer. If you interview applicants, you know, of course, [...]

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9 ways to gain the competitive edge

There are hundreds of ways to do better. Want better ROI? Want to improve your customer service? Here are nine we like. Tight economy! Reduced staff! Demanding customers! These days it’s extra challenging to satisfy and keep customers. It’s even more important than ever because customer loyalty is generally considered the primary engine today [...]

By |2020-06-12T11:18:42-05:00December 22nd, 2017|Start Your Cleaning Business|

8 tips to help you negotiate better

Those who have a few tips in their back pocket when negotiating have a better chance to move the ball into their court. Everyone negotiates – sometime, somewhere, somehow. From telling the kids, “After you eat your dinner, then you can go play” to the highest business deal out there. Negotiating is real. And [...]

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5 words that drive customers away

We call them conversation diverters. Just as ALWAYS and NEVER are. Customer and friends doubt you with those words. Killer words help make your customers and your potential customers veer away from the real point of your conversation. So best we eliminate them from our routine and vocabulary. It’s not easy to do. If [...]

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