6 things not to say to a customer

Some words and phrases used today are just no longer appropriate—what to say instead.When marketing our services or working with a current client, there are some words and phrases used that are just no longer appropriate. What happens is they can cause a conversation to make a wrong turn, and that is something we want to avoid. "Fortunately, [...]

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Tips for running an eco-friendly cleaning business

How you can stay profitable AND environmentally friendlyOver the last couple of decades things have changed quite a lot in respect to the environment. More people than ever are concerned about their consumption habits and how they might be negatively affecting the planet. This is evident in the rise of eco-friendly products, businesses and other [...]

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How to close more quotes for your cleaning business

5 tips on getting more business from the customers you're already quotingOne of the more time consuming tasks for cleaning business owners is quoting on potential jobs. Often it feels like we spend more time quoting than actually doing the work. On top of that quoting is only the first step in nailing that new [...]

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5 words that drive customers away

Nancy Friedman on killer words of customer serviceWe call them conversation diverters. Just as ALWAYS and NEVER are. Customer and friends doubt you with those words. Killer words help make your customers and your potential customers veer away from the real point of your conversation. So best we eliminate them from our routine and vocabulary. [...]

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ProTeam, CBT & ARCSI team up for vacuum giveaway

Drop by the ARCSI lounge at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN show in Las Vegas to register.Convention Drawing On September 11-12 (Monday and Tuesday) at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show in Las Vegas, the new ProVac FS6 with Power Nozzle will be on display in the ARCSI lounge. Make sure you drop an entry slip in the slotted box. [...]

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Three steps to finding and keeping great cleaners

Streamline your hiring processes and reduce your employee turnover rate.If one of your daily responsibilities is hiring new cleaners, you know how difficult it can be to identify which candidates will make the best long-term employees. With the employee turnover rate in the janitorial industry ranging anywhere from 75% to upwards of 375%, finding and [...]

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How to hire the best employees

A proven system that ensures you make the best decision and get the most value in return for your investmentWhat is the most important buying decision you'll ever make? An expensive piece of cleaning equipment? A new payroll system? Does something else come to mind? Well, no matter what it is, there is a proven [...]

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CBT Product Reviews: Brillo Estracell

We check out the "No Scratch Sponge with Wedge Edge"The Brillo website says that their new Estracell sponge reaches deeper, is no scratch, has a unique shape, and is more sanitary. In my latest CBT Product Review, I take a closer look and tell you the one little feature that our cleaners say they like [...]

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Stop trying to find employees, start attracting them

Liz Trotter on how to improve your recruiting at the 2017 ISSA/INTERCLEAN Trade Show and ConventionThe 2017 ISSA convention is right around the corner and before long we will all be neck deep in new ideas, fresh conversations, and overwhelming information!  My first year was in Chicago and I went without a plan, just deciding [...]

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10 tips on how to stay married while owning a business

From the wife of a serial business ownerDerek and I have been married for almost 17 years, and in this time he’s owned 5 to 12 businesses, depending how you count. There have been some stressful times for both of us, but we’ve found several things that help us manage marriage, parenthood and both of [...]

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