Julie Vincent and Katie Postema of Coastal Clean on the challenges and adventure that are Foundations of Success

Julie Vincent and Katie Postema of Coastal Clean in SW Michigan are among 17 cleaning business owners attending Foundations Jump Start this week in Charleston, SC. This yearly event is presented by Tom Stewart, Derek Christian, and Liz Trotter of Cleaning Business Builders. A full week of seclusion in a beachfront mansion enables cleaning business owners to learn and dig deep into their essential systems as they work through 22 classes and workshops. It’s a business course unlike anything else in the industry. Julie and Katie were also the winners of a site visit from one of the three coaches, the date and time to be announced later. Cleaning Business Today will follow their progress over the next year to see how they implement these lessons in their maid service. Here is a brief interview at the end of their first day in Foundations of Success.

Also attending Foundations Jump Start 9 are Lisa McKinney, Chris Willatt, Trisha Lake, Nina Fenwick, Katie Lambert, Ed Wright, Rebecca Wright, Sarah Mitchell, Samantha Snider, Bert Canning, Heather Canning, Dawn Winter, John Winter, and Laura Smith.


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