8 secret places to look for bed bugs hiding in your home and office

Bed bugs are commonly associated with beds but these pesky critters can venture beyond your bedrooms and infest your entire home. Even at workplaces, it is difficult to identify where they are coming from. So, if you want to know how to find and get rid of bed bugs, look out for these 8 hiding places.

Under Your Bed and in the Seams of Your Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

This is the most common and convenient hiding place for bed bugs by all means. Beds bring bed bugs in close proximity to their host for almost 6 to 8 hours. The seams of your mattress also create an environment where bed bugs can breed and multiple easily so you would definitely want to start from here.

Hiding Behind Your Picture Frames and Wall Art

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures that retreat to the dark corners and crevices during the daytime and so, your picture frames and wall arts make one of the safest hiding spots for them.

Up for Some Adventure in the Wall Cracks and Ceiling Moldings

Bed bugs like hiding in places where they are comfortable and hard to find so they can breed and multiply. No wonder you can always find them hiding in wall cracks and ceiling molds.

In Your Backpack to Tag Along on Your Trips

Bedbugs also prefer places where they are least likely to get noticed and so, the seams of your backpacks offer a favourable environment. Here they can creep, crawl, feast and foster their eggs with absolute ease.

Falling Asleep in Your Furniture

If you suspect that your home or office is infested with bed bugs, inspect the joints of your furniture and also their wood and metal frames because they offer an ideal opportunity to bed bugs for hiding their young ones.

Comfortably Lounging in Your Nightstands and Drawers

Nightstands and drawers are usually wooden with corners and nail holes, making them an undisturbed area to survive and thrive.

Infesting Your Electrical Outlets and Favourite Gadgets

Bed bugs are tiny enough to sneak into electrical outlets. They can huddle there throughout the day so if you are looking for them, don’t forget to check this hideout. You can use a screwdriver to remove the cover of electrical outlets. The computer keyboard also makes a good place for bed bugs to hide, especially if you are not using it frequently.

Enjoying the Company of Your Clothes in Your Wardrobe

Closets are a preferred hiding place for bed bugs because here they can easily feed off their hosts and also crawl from one person to another. The seams and hems of your clothes create a warm and inviting environment for bed bugs that can easily survive, feed and procreate.

Bed Bugs at Workplace are also a problem in several ways. Employees with an infested home can bring them to work or employees who are out in the field can bring them along to the workplace when they return. A timely detection of a bed bug infestation can save you a ton of money and trouble. That is why it always helps to have a proactive bed bug control policy and preventive measures in place. Home owners can also schedule periodic pest inspections to prevent or control a bed bug infestation.

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