Cleaning companies do a lot to keep a house clean. They cope with the stench from the kitchen or the bathroom while washing up a home. The air can be so harsh and detrimental to their health that they have to ensure air quality while doing their thing.

Keeping the air pure and breathable while cleaning is one of the qualities of a good cleaning service. Cleaning companies make sure that they offer premium cleaning services to their customers. Here are six things you can do as a professional cleaning agency:

  • Get Home Humidifiers For Your Cleaning Service

Humidifiers are instruments used to restore and maintain healthy air quality in any space. They provide warmth, ensure moisture (for dry indoor air), and improve air quality.

There are several home humidifiers you can get while cleaning your customer’s room. There’s steam, evaporator, impeller, and ultrasonic humidifiers. All of them serve a beneficial purpose in creating a breathable space in your customer’s home.

As a professional cleaner, humidifiers must be handy. You can buy it by visiting or any other website. But note that in a home where there’s a humidifier, part of your cleaning service can include inspecting and cleaning the humidifier. This means you may need to change the water and filter. 

  • Clean Up The Air Ducts To Create Air Quality

When cleaning, you shouldn’t ignore the air ducts of air conditioners. This is because most of the time they appear neat from the outside but the truth is, they store more dirt than any other appliances in a room. 

While they’re always generating air within space, they quickly get clogged with pollutants like dust which is harmful to air quality. These toxins can cause your allergies so make to clean them thoroughly as well. To do that, you can clean them using a brush, damp cloth, or a heavy-duty vacuum to clean off the piled-up dirt. Doing this helps improve the air quality of your customer’s home.

  • Tidy The Air Filters Of Your Customer’s Home To Clear Air

Air filters can improve the air quality in a room. But they also can get clogged easily by several substances which causes them to stop working. When this happens, you know that it’d be challenging to clean them. So, what do you do?

Instinctively, you should focus on cleaning home devices you can use to clean the air filters before cleaning other aspects of your customer’s room. This means you should look at appliances such as air conditioning filters, heaters, vacuum cleaners, kitchen vents, and other air filtering tools. 

  • Wash Or Vacuum Rugs And Carpets After Everything Else

Rugs and carpets in a home store the most dirt that’s unseen on plain sight. They absorb as much dirt as possible. Therefore, they generate enough toxins that can cause allergies and affect the air quality of a room. So, you make sure to vacuum or wash all rugs and carpets to make sure they are clean. 

As a cleaner, you should make sure that rugs and carpets are clean to ensure that your customers will have quality and clean air to breathe. Preferably, they should be cleaned after every other part of your customer’s home has been thoroughly cleaned. 

  • You Can Take Advantage Of Flowers To Improve Air Quality

Naturally, indoor plants fill the air of a home and provide warmth because they improve the air quality in a house. As an aesthetic material, they can enhance the wellness of the homeowner. Therefore, when cleaning, you should cater to them as well. 

You can get plant vases into your customer’s home during or after cleaning services. If your client already has flowers, you can arrange them or care for them in any way to improve the air quality of their home. 

  • Spray Purifier And Air Fresheners

Every cleaning company should have air purifiers and fresheners to remove stale air within a space. To reduce the chances of bad air, you can use purifiers while and after cleaning your customer’s home. 

In short, fresheners and purifiers are like the Midas touch to air quality. So, when sprayed, they help eliminate existing pollutants and improve the quality of indoor air after cleaning services.


Cleaning your customer’s home isn’t done correctly if the air within that space is unhealthy. As a cleaning professional, the air quality in your customer’s home determines the level of work done and encourages you to work optimally. On that note, adopting the tips above will help improve the air quality of your customer’s home.

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