Join the club – the club of marketers and business owners who didn’t find that mistake in the email until AFTER it hit customers’ inboxes.
Every business owner and marketing associate has done it. You know. Found the glaring error AFTER the mass email went out to thousands of current and potential customers.

So what can you do? 

The main thing is to decide how big the error is. Typos or misplaced graphics don’t change the message or call to action, so don’t fuss with those. But if you got the wrong discount, deadline, or featured item, that has a major impact on your ability to do business. Imagine BOTH trying to correct the misconception and encountering the disappointed expectations of the customer AND then trying to turn the sale around to something else. Double the work there if you don’t make the immediate correction.

Be sure to monitor views, clickthroughs/engagement, and unsubscribes for the mistake message as well as your correction and the next major email to go out. You’ll learn a lot about how your subscribers responded and help you make any decisions about changing your subscriber campaign.

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