A cleaning company is a great business to have these days. With homeowners having limited time due to work and personal obligations, there’s now a rising demand for professional cleaners. It can be tough even for homemakers to maintain a clutter-free home at all times when they also have to tend to kids, pets, and their daily chores. By offering cleaning services to those who need them most, there’s no doubt you’ll be making a big difference in the lives of residential property owners.

If your business is doing fine yet you feel like it’s time to step up your game and be more competitive, you need to implement some strategies and techniques to broaden your pool of clients.

Here are some of the ways you can attract more clients to your cleaning company:

  • Know Whom To Target

Like with any company in other sectors and industries, acquiring more clients means you should know whom to target. This is a must for all businesses. Whether your services are for homes or commercial establishments, you need to make up your mind. Marketing to everyone is a common mistake made by most business owners. Even though it sounds like a good idea at first glance, you’ be missing out on targeting individuals who require the solutions you provide and are willing to pay in order to get them.

You must understand your potential clients before doing anything else. Study their needs, and look into what you’re currently offering. Who’ll find your services helpful and necessary? Your business will also have its own scope, so you should decide whether you’ll do general cleaning or focus on specific services. For example, Jeff’s Quality Cleaners specializes in cleaning carpets, tile and grout, and upholstery.

You must do some research into such matters if you aren’t sure about them yet. Your business must be positioned in a way that emphasizes the benefits it brings so your clients will know your value. How long you’ve been in business is not as important to your customers as the results they can expect from your service. Although experience is an important aspect, you should always highlight what your clients can get if they choose your services in particular.

If your target is commercial businesses, look up how many employees certain companies have and identify which ones you could potentially serve. Numbers can give you an idea of how large the workspace is. Find out who’s responsible for office cleaning at the company. Determine whether the company’s cleaning is handled by its own staff or hired professionals. On the other hand, if you’re trying to market to households, check geographic and demographic data. Build a list of contacts, and apply the proper marketing methods to reach out to more homeowners.

  • Prepare A Marketing Plan 

To succeed in a cleaning business, you should be aware of how you can get clients. Once you’ve accomplished that, you need to determine how to retain them and further grow your clientele. To be able to execute the right ways to attract more clients successfully, you need to build a concrete marketing plan. Then, figure out how you can reach them. This can be through modern marketing tools like social media or a conventional approach like handing out flyers.

Businesses offering cleaning services can accommodate everything from offices and homes to worksites and vacation houses. It’s easy to create affordable ads appealing to the owners of any of those properties with the help of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or you can even establish your website.

See to it that you create uncomplicated ads. Prepare something simple yet catchy for your prospects to take notice of. If you plan to attend conventions or fairs, use marketing collateral like printing business cards and pamphlets as they remain effective in reaching out to more clients.

  • Utilize Email Marketing

It’s still possible to market via email today. After all, most people who are tech-savvy check their email inboxes on a daily basis.

Once you’ve set up an email list, you should send out relevant, high-quality emails. These could contain helpful content and information or announcements about sales, incentives, rewards, and other compelling offerings. By providing value, you’ll build a list of individuals to whom you can send updates regularly.

  • Take Advantage Of Customer Referrals 

You can get cleaning clients quickly by asking for referrals. After serving a client, feel free to strike up a conversation with them. Mention that you’re trying to look for more cleaning clients, and who knows? They might just give you some information you can use. There’s nothing wrong in trying to ask for referrals, especially if your client knows someone who needs your services just as much as they do.

It’s possible to get referrals from anyone you know, including friends, family, and even former clients. But to increase your chances of being referred by previous clients to their loved ones and colleagues, make sure they’re happy with your services. Then and only then can word of mouth work for you.

Also, you can add testimonials from referrals that have turned into clients to your website. Your business is more likely to attract potential customers if they can read positive feedback regarding your services.

  •  Attend And Participate In Networking Events 

It’s common for people who aren’t active in networking groups to struggle with getting cleaning clients. This is especially true for providers of commercial cleaning since it takes more effort to reach business owners than homeowners.

Taking part in various networking events regularly will allow you to build relationships with other people. Don’t be afraid to tell company owners what you can do for them. However, you need to verify first if they already have a cleaning company or department that handles their contracts. This will allow you to think of the best approach to take from there.

  • Offer Promotional Coupons And Discounts 

People tend to avoid trying out a new product or service if it costs too much money or takes too much time. Providing a coupon or discount every now and then is therefore an excellent way to attract cleaning clients.

The first service offered by many companies is usually discounted. You can implement the same tactic in your business. Another idea is to provide coupons and discounts for subsequent cleaning service sessions.


Even if you have highly skilled staff and offer top-notch services in your cleaning business, you won’t be able to keep it afloat for long if you don’t have enough clients. You can make a significant impact on the growth of your cleaning company by following the six steps outlined above.