Upselling refers to the process of adding value to your cleaning services or cleaning products order. The main strategy is for you to increase the value of your services offered by expanding its range and improving its quality. In the cleaning industry, this means offering add-on services, particularly when you see the place to be cleaned is in very bad shape. You know you could do more for your clients without them feeling like they’re being tricked into paying more.

When you strategically upsell, you’re creating a win-win for your clients. They pay you for more cleaning services, so you earn more. On the other hand, the clients are also pleased, as you’ve done way more than what they’ve initially expected, based on what they need.

Here are some ways to increase your upselling efforts for your cleaning business this year:

  1. Offer A Discount On An Add-On Service

A client has come to you and asked for Pur Cleaning Services Colorado Springs homeowners usually expect. There’s one service you want to sell to your customer as an add-on, so you offer a discount for it. You can say something like, ‘Because you’ve hired us often enough, would you like to try this add-on for a discount?’ Chances are, that client will say yes to your offer.

Starting with discounts for cleaning services add-ons is good if done right. True, you’ll need to charge higher later down the road because you may be using more expensive machines. However, you have to start by letting your customers (and their network) that your new services are now available. You can readjust the prices later on, when more people are aware of (and will actively seek) those new services.

  1. Create A Refer-A-Friend Program

After every cleaning session with a client, inform them about your refer-a-friend program. If they’re able to refer your cleaning services to their network of connections and that friend books your cleaning services, the client who referred that new customer is entitled to one free cleaning service.

At the outset, it may seem like you’re losing profits when you’re offering unpaid services. But, when you consider the earning you now gained through that new referral, that one, minor cleaning service you offer for free or as a free upgrade is immaterial.

It’s hard enough to earn new profits in a competitive business industry. When you gain new clients through referrals or word of mouth, that’s already an advantage in itself.

  1. Make The Customer Realize They Need Your New Services

The key to winning the ‘yes’ of a client to pay for an add-on service or a pricier one is for you to make them realize it’s for their benefit. Make them feel like if they don’t take in that service, they’re missing out. You shouldn’t be selling your customers something they don’t need. Make sure the upgrade you’re offering is one they’ll be glad to pay for.

For example, as you’re cleaning a customer’s business premises, you notice that the drains in their commercial bathrooms are clogged. It so happens that you’ve just launched drain and plumbing cleaning on your services list for this year. That’s perfect chance to offer the new service as an add-on. 

 The customer satisfaction they’ll feel knowing their drains are clog-free goes beyond that day itself. On the other hand, imagine the stress they’ll feel if, after having their place cleaned, a few days later they realize they need get more work done because of those clogged drains. Now they’ll have to call another business. But, because you’ve offered that add-on service, you just saved them from all that hassle.

While making more money, your customer also ends up happier. When you customers are happy and satisfied, they’ll be more likely recommend your cleaning services to others as well. It’s a win-win!

  1. Offer Cleaning Subscription Plans

Marc has been your client for three years now. He’s been asking your business to come over his home and give it a good cleaning, once every three months. For this year, why not offer him a subscription plan as a reward for good customer loyalty? Offer a discount rate, if, at the start of the year, he books you with certainty to clean his home for the entire year.

This is another effective means to upsell. Why? It ensures that Marc stays a client for you for at least that year. Should you have other clients that wouldn’t book you in the future, Marc covers for at least one lost client. It keeps the business going while also making things more convenient for Marc because he no longer has to look for a different company next time.


Upselling your cleaning business’ services to your existing clients is often more effective than constantly trying to earn and market to new customers. When you upsell to existing clients who are already sold on your business’ quality of services, you’re more likely to earn a profit. It’s therefore a marketing tactic you shouldn’t miss out on. As attractive as the opportunity may seem, however, it’s also not that easy. Let the tips mentioned above guide you, so you and your business can start the year strong.

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