With the advent of social media, marketing, and promotion of products and services has taken a more straightforward and exciting turn. With the millions of users on different social media platforms, marketing your cleaning business online should be effortless, fun, and fulfilling.

It is vital to know the right platform to use. When and what to post on your platform in the form of promotion. It is crucial to choose wisely to achieve positive feedback. Make sure to identify your target audience in advance to make the right choice of a promotional platform.

The following ways would play a significant role in ensuring the proper promotion of a cleaning business;

  1. Choose the right platform

You don’t want to post on every single social media platform. Some are more effective and relevant than others when it comes to marketing your services.

Cleanliness is best gauged by what you see, so platforms like Instagram and Pinterest would be best suited for this purpose. It, however, does not mean you cannot use other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; these, too, also play a crucial role in the promotion of a cleaning business. Facebook, for instance, has a high number of users and is suitable for keeping in touch with your customers and prospective customers.

If you are seeking to reach a more professional audience like companies and business owners in need of corporate cleaning services, LinkedIn would be suitable since it has a professional reputation.

  1. Post high-quality photos and videos

You can achieve this through Instagram and YouTube. The primary content in a cleaning business is images and videos of previous jobs done or even pictures of happy customers.

Ensure that you accompany these photos and videos with proper and captivating captions. These are likely to catch the attention of your audience.

  1. Captions and written posts

You want to invest in quality bloggers to write and come up with captions to accompany your photos and videos.

If you can handle it on your own, that will be great since it is cost-effective. However, you can employ good writers with writing skills to do the job on your behalf; you might as well seek the services of online writing services. If you seek to reach a wider audience of different diversities, and that maybe uses another language other than English, you might consider the help of translation services review like PickWriters. They sure will help you maximize your outreach.

  1. Blogposts on home cleaning hacks

Use other websites and blog posts to market your business by partnering with other companies and having them feature your services on their sites or even share links to your posts on their blog posts and social media platforms. The blog posts should preferably be on home cleaning hacks such as cleaning carpets and removing toilet stains.

  1. Incentivizing reviews

Ask all your current customers to leave reviews and rate the services of your cleaning companies after offering the services.

Offer discounts or free after services for your customers after the reviews; remember, you are legally obligated to do this to all your customers; regardless of how positive or negative the reviews are.

  1. Using Twitter chat rooms and Facebook groups

Start up conversations on Twitter using appropriate hashtags; follow up the conversation, ensuring to get the feedback from your audience.

Since Facebook has a more significant number of users, maximizing the groups to promote your business would be a great idea. Share posts on your cleaning business in the thousands of Facebook groups that exist. You do this by adhering to the group’s regulations and house rules.

  1. Keep it fun

Ensure that your social media posts are punctuated by humor so as not to bore your audience with just serious information all through. Use memes and GIFs related to your cleaning business so that your audience can keep scrolling through your feed. Remember to stay relevant at all times and always keep up with current trends in business to increase relevancy.

  1. Follow other blogs from competing companies

Continuously check on other cleaning company blogs and pick a few positive tactics they are using in marketing that you don’t use and incorporate them into your promotional tactics. See it as a learning opportunity. Follow examples and maintain healthy competition.

  1. Giveaways and coupons

With a large number of social media users, what other better way could you possibly use to reach out and appreciate your customers as well as attract new customers than through social media. Have a day for giveaways online in the form of a contest for your audience.

  1. Cohesive social media campaigns

Carry out a well thought out promotional campaign on your services for a stipulated period. This creates awareness of your business and what it is you offer to your customers. Have a social media content timetable with distributed campaign dates that will lead to your growth.

  1. Customer feedback

Seek customer feedback and respond appropriately, respectfully, and publicly on your social media platforms to enhance credibility. Show your audience that you care for them by listening to them and giving feedback.

  1. Share customer case study

Post satisfaction stories from your willing customers on social media. Let your audience see the great work you have done and how customer satisfaction comes first in your cleaning business.


Promoting a cleaning business through social media is the smartest and easiest way of growing your business. These business promotion ideas are suitable for cleaning businesses. If you adopt the identified social media promotion tips, then you are headed towards high customer numbers as well as customer satisfaction. It’s the small tips that matter.

If you have not yet thought about using social media platforms to promote your cleaning business, then what are you waiting for?

The success of your business is just a click away.