IICRC House Cleaning Technician Certification

Earn your IICRC House Cleaning Technician Certification under the tutelage of certified instructor Bruce Vance. The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) training and certification program is a comprehensive overview of best practices in cleaning, providing an understanding of the chemical and physical processes that make different methods effective; the course and certification do not prescribe any specific cleaning procedure. Course fee: $275. Exam fee: $65. Scholarships available through IICRCASponsored by ARCSI.

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IEHA 2016 Boot Camp Road Show

The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), a leading non-profit organization providing education and resources to individuals who manage professional cleaning operations, today announced that it will take its Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP) on the road. IEHA’s 2016 Boot Camp Road Show will provide individuals looking to obtain their certification with a comprehensive two-day, instructor-led training session covering the curriculum included in IEHA’s PECP. At the conclusion of the review, attendees will test to receive their certification.

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CYK: Tighten and Enhance Your Sales Strategy

Marketing and Sales expert Derek Christian and customer service guru Liz Trotter join forces to
1) evaluate your current sales procedure through secret shopping before the conference
2) explain how and why some sales techniques work better than others for cleaning services
3) coach you through building and refining your sales procedure
4) MOST IMPORTANTLY help you build tools for improving your sales performance and conversions

The conference includes an optional gathering Friday afternoon and 12 hours of management development and training through classes and workshops on Saturday. The conference leaders may also be available for additional private consulting on Sunday.

Registration (first person): $249
Registration (2nd person): $149

Plus add a Secret Shopper Report for just $99, and we'll secret shop your company and evaluate your sales procedure and sales staff.

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BSCAI Executive Management Seminar

The 2015 BSCAI Executive Management Conference will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona from May 14-16, 2015 at the FireSky Resort and Spa. This one of a kind BSCAI educational event providing success-driven education ranging from creating balance on the workplace to industry-expert insight into more profitable sales, improvements in forecasting and increasing profitability.

The Experience Convention and Trade Show

Don't miss your chance to see, try out and learn about all of the latest and most advanced equipment, tools and procedures available in our industry today. You’ll discover new research, the most up-to-date information and useful tools to help distance your company from the competition and provide you with the education and opportunities you need to grow your business.

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