Green Apple Day of Service Project Now Benefits Nearly 311,000 Students

Goal: Protect the Health and Safety of One Million KidsLos Angeles, CA  - In honor of the Green Apple Day of Service sponsored by the US Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools; The Ashkin Group; ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association; and the Healthy Schools Campaign have launched an effort to catalog Custodial Training Programs. [...]

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Lessons from the California Drought: Cleaning Low-Flow and No-Flow Restroom Fixtures

Cleaning procedures are challenged as the California drought worsens; water use regulations change the classic methods for cleaning, disinfecting and odor control.It’s a funny thing about California. It seems for better or worse, a lot of trends start in that state before spreading around the country…and that applies to water usage too. With the current [...]

Considering the Customer When Bidding on Floorcare Work

This month's Powr-Flite Floorcare Troubleshooter identifies some of the different types of customers cleaning contractors might encounter when formulating bids for restorative floorcare.

Addressing the Missing Component in American Schools: Cleaning

Creating clean and healthy learning environments for students and staff is a necessary first step to giving our children a world-class education.In 1983, an earthshaking report was released about American public schools. The report, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform, suggested that other countries around the world were outperforming US schools. Considered a landmark [...]

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3 Things to Make School Floors Last Longer

Learning to do more with less when it comes to school floor care.West Chicago, IL - Many school districts around the country are now planning next year's budgets, and unfortunately, dealing with the same challenge: operating their facilities with fewer dollars. As they seek to cut costs, invariably cleaning is on the chopping block...once again. [...]

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Being Green Means Knowing Your Chemical Footprint

"Chemical Footprint Project" takes first steps toward a new international consensus with leading companies and investors.Somerville, MA — You’ve heard of a company’s carbon footprint.  Now it’s time for the chemical footprint. Despite growing regulatory efforts, businesses around the world continue to use chemicals of high concern to human health and environment. Formaldehyde and toxic phthalates [...]

10 Tips on Safe Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing can be complicated and many cleaning professionals overlook the fact that it can also be dangerous. As the weather gets warmer, expect to see more floors in commercial settings being stripped and refinished. This is invariably true in educational facilities but has become somewhat of a tradition in all types of locations, from [...]

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