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Top five germiest things kids touch at school

Busses are rarely sanitized or disinfected...kids put their hands on seats, poles, and windows that can house bacteria and viruses like MSRA, e-Coli, and staph infections Laval, Canada - A lot of parents happily anticipate the first day of school, but school starting also means they have to protect their children from the germs [...]

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Read any good (disinfectant) labels lately?

Cleaning pros should know what the following terms mean when reading the label on a disinfectant. Hamilton, OH - Most of us now have a "learn-as-we-use" mentality when it comes to using new products. This is an outgrowth of technologies like computers, smartphones, and tablets. Typically their "operating manual" offers little information beyond how [...]

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CleanCore partnering with Healthy Schools Campaign’s Green Clean Schools Program

CleanCore and HSC will work together to establish a vibrant network of school facility managers.Omaha, Nebraska-With green cleaning becoming ever more prevalent and integral to the health and wellness of children, CleanCore™ Technologies, manufacturers of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, is proud to announce it will be a sponsor of the Healthy Schools Campaign's (HSC) Green [...]

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CleanCore Products WoolSafe® Certified

Aqueous ozone system now certified safe for use in wool carpet and rug care.Omaha, NB - CleanCore® Technologies, manufacturers of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, announces the company has been approved and certified by the WoolSafe® Organization.  Based in Great Britain, WoolSafe is a worldwide organization devoted to promoting best practices when it comes to wool [...]

The "Sniff Test" When It Comes to Independent Contractors

New NLRB rules may have muddied the waters about who is or isn't an independent contractor.West Chicago, IL - In the past year, who is and who is not considered an independent contractor has become more complicated. In an attempt to clarify things, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) made some big changes to independent [...]

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Floor Care Specialist Joins Powr-Flite

Brian Throneberry has joined Powr-Flite, makers of professional cleaning equipment, as the newest addition to the company’s product management team.Fort Worth, TX - Brian Throneberry has joined Powr-Flite, makers of professional cleaning equipment, as the newest addition to the company’s product management team. Prior to joining Powr-Flite, Throneberry was managing partner of a floor care [...]

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Advances in Batteries have Important Ramifications for Jansan Equipment

While many of these new batteries are designed for smaller electronics, they have found their way into commercial cleaning equipment, most specifically backpack vacuums.Fort Worth, TX - This summer, Samsung Electronics announced new developments in batteries, specifically lithium battery technology, that may have major ramifications for the future of cleaning and jansan equipment. While many [...]

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Green Apple Day of Service Project Now Benefits Nearly 311,000 Students

Goal: Protect the Health and Safety of One Million KidsLos Angeles, CA  - In honor of the Green Apple Day of Service sponsored by the US Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools; The Ashkin Group; ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association; and the Healthy Schools Campaign have launched an effort to catalog Custodial Training Programs. [...]

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LEED Updates Impact This Winter's De-icers

Many of the de-icers [AB1] that previously met LEED requirements are no longer permissible. Los Angeles, CA - The Ashkin Group, the professional cleaning industry's leading advocate for Green and sustainable cleaning, is advising building owners and managers, jansan distributors and facility service providers that as of January 2015, LEED has redefined the requirements for LEED-compliant [...]

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Common Questions about Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Technology

How does it work? Is it safe? What happens to the residue?Omaha - September 14, 2015 - Now that more facilities such as schools, restaurants, office buildings, and healthcare settings are selecting engineered water or no-chemical cleaning systems such as aqueous ozone, it is becoming clear that custodial workers often have questions about them, including [...]

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