4 Money-Saving Tips for the Cleaning Conventions

Do these four things this month to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck at the annual cleaning conventions and trade show. The idea of leaving your company for a week – even for business – can seem very intimidating, so over the next few months, we are going to share [...]

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Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = A Disinfecting Duo?

An old home remedy might be just the solution you're looking for. With growing awareness of the dangers of manufactured and even naturally-derived cleaning products growing among consumers, cleaning businesses have had to turn to “old home remedies” in an attempt to balance cleaning and disinfecting with the green and sustainable trends. Unfortunately, [...]

The “Almost Perfect” Vacuum: Top Recommended Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services

Solve your vacuum conundrum with these guidelines about uprights, canisters, backpacks and handheld models, PLUS download the 2014 Report on Professional Vacuums for Residential Cleaning Services. How to Choose the “Almost Perfect” Vacuum In 13 years as a Proctor & Gamble cleaning products sales rep and director and another almost 7 years owning and [...]

The Intersection of Client and Technician: Annual Software & User Experience Survey

From new mobile options to the addition of sales and marketing functions, new scheduling and user experience solutions are on the rise. In the past 12 months, since our first field services and scheduling software comparison report, the #1 change in the competitive field is that most of the new options are being designed by [...]

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Backstabbers: The Risk of Training Your Competition

When a former employee steals your clients, even with a non-compete agreement it’s hard to prove they have broken the law. One of the biggest threats to any growing cleaning company is the skilled cleaning technicians and managers it creates through its training and employee development programs. In essence, every business owner takes the risk [...]

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Cleaners Corner: Microfiber Use and Care Best Practices

Keep your microfiber investment alive for up to five years by asking some key questions before you purchase and using an effective and consistent laundering rotation. With the use of microfiber increasing among cleaning businesses from residential to commercial to window cleaning, everyone wants to make sure they get the most out of their investment. [...]

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KPI: How Much of Your Cleaning Fee Ends Up in Your Techs' Paychecks?

KPI: Direct Labor as a Percent to SalesYour direct labor - the folks who are actually cleaning the houses and office for your business - is your largest single expense item...more than supplies, equipment, even vehicles if you have them for your staff. So knowing the ratio of direct labor to sales on a weekly [...]

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Right or Successful?

I recently had to step out of my management position, roll up my sleeves and handle an on-site cleaning job for a highly valued customer. The chair I was to clean was a small, old, black recliner located in the customer’s walk-out basement. My team had cleaned there earlier, so I asked the husband if we could move the chair outside where we wouldn’t have to drag dirty hoses through the house. He agreed. I then asked if I could hook up to their outdoor faucet. “Sure,” he said. I filled my bucket with water and began cleaning outside on a beautiful afternoon. The chair was looking good and I was enjoying myself.

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