New urban housing includes professional maid service

Ollie micro-apartments target renters with “all-inclusive living experience”Monadnock Development has broken new ground with “micro-apartments,” some of which are about half the size of an average studio in Manhattan. New York City waived its 400-square-foot minimum requirement for Caramel Place, which has been designed in an attempt to address the shortage of urban housing. Among [...]

ServiceMonster announces release of cleaning industry statistics

State-by-state carpet cleaning industry statistics: average growth rate for 2014-2015Bellingham, WA – In an effort to help to assist professional cleaners in gaining a deeper understanding of their business and the industry as a whole, ServiceMonster, the leading field service software program for marketing and client tracking, announces the publication of state-by-state average growth rates [...]

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2 On-Demand Maid Services Let Customers Choose Their Cleaner

German-based Helpling and US-based HomeAGlow advance their app-based maid service shopping to include maid reviews and customer selection features.In January and February, respectively, on-demand maid services Homeaglow and Helpling announced the first major leap forward for the independent-contractor-based home cleaning service market: giving customers a way to choose the IC cleaner who comes to their home [...]

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HomeAdvisor Continues Aggressive Growth Strategy – This Time Into Automation

Zonoff and HomeAdvisor announce partnership to integrate and automate the smart home's direct connection to home service providers like cleaners.Earlier this month, home automation company Zonoff and home services marketplace HomeAdvisor announced a partnership to integrate the two platforms. What's the advantage to consumers? Zonoff's platform alerts home owners to problems within their dwelling; the [...]

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Motivating Employees with School Tuition and Flexible Schedules

Paula Dills-Friedrich's education program promotes employee success while building company culture.Educational Opportunity In a world where knowledge is power, wise business owners know the value of supporting the education of their employees. And Paula Dills-Friedrich is part of that savvy group. Friedrich owns two residential cleaning franchises called The Cleaning Authority, one in Frederick, MD and one [...]

Gut Check: Navigating Changes in Your Business

Improving your business is not a once-and-done thing, but requires constant progress checks and re-adjustments.In Part 1 of our series, we analyzed the profitability challenge my business was facing at the start of 2014. In Part 2, we looked at the structural and cultural changes implemented to address the challenge and make our business financially [...]

The Best Business Plan is an Imperfect Plan: 5 Lessons in Annual Planning

The perfect plan for growth is a recipe for disappointment and disaster.The last thing you want as a business owner or business development manager is a “perfect annual plan,” where the numbers add up perfectly to the growth you are expecting next year with corresponding increases in spending to match that growth.   Having an [...]

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Navigating Changes in Your Business, Part 2 of 3

Actually changing policies and procedures and navigating the BIG CHANGE is like your first trip through a haunted house attraction: the first few scares make you want to quit but after that you settle in for the ride.In part 1 of our three-part series, we explored the profit margin issue my 25-employee company was experiencing [...]

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