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Consumer expert Geoff Williams interviewed a variety of types of customers of residential cleaning services to find out what the key value is for them – in other words, what makes the personal expense worth the money:

  1. Reducing family-induced stress: when your family and friends make catty remarks about your clutter, organization, or toilet rings. Or, in the case of older adults, when you are shamed for the condition of your parents’ home.
  2. Reducing self-induced stress: when you’re a neat freak yourself and just can’t function, but also don’t have the time with work, kids, life, etc.
  3. Avoid the most hated chore of cleaning: when you hate something so much and can’t even pair it with something enjoyable (like listening to good music or a book) to make it palatable.
  4. Avoid losing money if you clean yourself: when you’re a business person and recognize the opportunity cost of DIY chores like cleaning, it comes out cheaper to pay someone else rather than give up your own valuable life time for no pay
  5. I’m not a slob, really: when you make even a minimal effort to keep your clutter tidy so that a cleaning service can actually get to the places they can clean

The ultimate conclusion comes after you give it a try; not only should your home be clean, but your mind should be “clean” and free as well. If it’s not, consider whether it was the service you tried or the whole enterprise. Give one or two more services a whirl before completely giving up.

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