Unlike what people would otherwise tell you, with practice, you can get better at cold calling.
Cold Calling Master Johnson Kee offers three tips to help make cold calling, well, less cold:

1. Remember that you’re a HUMAN, not a SALESPERSON. Talk like a human, smile like a human, think like a human and have a great conversation with a stranger. And when all else fails, remember your Emily Post: introduce yourself, do more question asking than answer giving, and listen.

2. Find out what their problems are and help them work toward a solution. And remember, that solution may not include your services, BUT your help in creating a solution creates both immediate value and remembered value for a sale down the road.

3. Give the other person control of the call. If you’ve done #2 well, then you’re already done, but the fact is that you can’t force them to buy into your services. When you make the call about them, let them direct the conversation, you’re more likely to be seen as providing a solution when you introduce your services…than as a fake salesperson.

The core idea – be yourself – don’t put on a persona or pretend to be someone else. They’ll know and the call won’t last nearly long enough for you to establish a new lead relationship.

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