An ageing population, double income households and increase in disposable personal income are driving more and more people to use residential cleaning services.
Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — It is a few factors, like the ageing U.S. population, the majority of double income households as well as an increase in the average disposable personal income per household that is seeing the cleaning industry, and in particular the residential cleaning industry, see strong and steady growth.

The cleaning industry in America is big business. Bringing in more than $40 billion annually, about 90% of this is carried out by franchised cleaning businesses. While a significant portion of this industry covers commercial and carpet/upholstery cleaning services, the residential cleaning sector has, since around 2010, seen steady growth of more than 5%. And this figure is expected to increase.

What is driving this increase in those looking for someone to do their housework for them? Well, the ageing population is one factor. Empty nest households, with those within the age bracket of 55 to 65, are the biggest market. Especially when you consider more and more people are working right up till retirement age.

Double income families, especially those who juggle family with young children and work responsibilities, simply don’t have the time or energy to keep a clean house. For the relatively small cost to get someone in to clean each week, many see housekeeping services as a necessity and not a luxury.

The disposable personal income average across the country has steadily increased since it dropped in 2009 due to the Global Financial Crisis, and is now at an all-time high with an average of almost $42,000 per person in 2015.

When you look at these three demographic groups, it’s easy to see why the residential cleaning industry is growing and is set to continue this growth. Using a maid service is no longer considered a luxury, it is now a matter of necessity in order for people to free up some time for family and leisure.

Being one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. franchise experts like All State Franchise Finders have seen a continual stream of interest in those looking to buy into a cleaning franchise.

“Residential cleaning franchises offer excellent growth opportunities, without the need for having large staff numbers, lots of commercial equipment and professional cleaning knowledge,” said Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders. “It means the everyday mom or dad who wants to own their own business can reach their goals without the huge financial outlay upfront.”

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According to Derek Cafferata, franchised residential cleaning service operations offer great flexibility that can be moulded to any desired lifestyle. “You can choose to stay small, with a loyal client base yet yield high returns, or you can grow your business to cover a wide client base with high staff numbers,” said Derek.

Franchise businesses like Molly Maid understand this need for growth and have been looking to steadily expand their franchise offices across the country and internationally.

First established in 1979, Molly Maid has an impressive success story for anyone looking to open their own residential cleaning business. Molly Maid is just one of the many franchise businesses that All State Franchise Finders is proud to represent.

“Consistently within the top 100 best franchises in the country, Molly Maid offer ample territory areas, excellent training, low start up costs and a 97 percent success rate, making them one of the best residential cleaning franchise opportunities you can consider,” said Derek.