As concerns for the environment grew, businesses, too, have joined the sustainability movement. In a 2020 study done by Xerox, businesses in the US that have adopted a ‘green’ program increased by 54%.

Not only is going green good for the environment, but it’s also good for businesses. Consumers trust companies that are concerned about the environment. Moreover, the government offers tax breaks and other incentives for businesses that go green. Incentives like these not only make being environmentally conscious a socially responsible thing to do, but business-wise, it also makes perfect sense.

But how does a cleaning business adopt green cleaning? 

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning means using products and methods that don’t harm the environment and human health. A cleaning business that uses green cleaning techniques such as Texas Xtreme Clean and others eschew using products that contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals are toxic enough to cause dermatological, respiratory, and other conditions.

Biodegradable cleaning products are part of green cleaning. Industrial and residential cleaning products manufactured using environmentally friendly processes are part of green cleaning, too. These eco-friendly products are allowed by Environmental Protection Agency to carry the label, ‘EPA Safer Choice.’ With this label, consumers and businesses can easily recognize safe products for humans, pets, and the environment.

An eco-friendly cleaning service like the Texas Xtreme Clean in Austin could mean you’ll be setting yourself apart from your competition in your area. There are a lot of cleaning businesses out there; being an eco-friendly company is an excellent way to stand out.


Tips On Going Green For Cleaning Services

It’s easy for a cleaning business to claim that they’re green. But what does being green mean? How ‘green’ are you willing to go? For some cleaning services, being green ends at the cleaning protocols. Diluting concentrated cleaning chemicals as a contribution to the sustainability efforts doesn’t cut it, either. As a business owner, the depth of your commitment to being eco-friendly plays a significant role in the success of your enterprise.

Below are a few tips for eco-friendly cleaning services:


  1. Be Credible

Going green among businesses is a trend. Unfortunately, for some, ‘green’ is loosely interpreted. ‘Sustainability’ and ‘green’ are terms bandied to attract consumers, projecting a certain image that might not mean anything. Unfortunately, the language used in environmentalism can be vague, and some even resort to marketing gimmicks.

If you want the public to take your business seriously, take time to research your area to find out about ‘green’ certifications you may need. It’s better to ensure that your cleaning service has appropriate certificates and licenses. Ensure also that the cleaning products you’re using carry the necessary EPA certifications. A cleaning service with official certifications and labels from EPA and other similar agencies has more credibility than those without.


  1. Use The Correct Products

Before announcing your cleaning service as eco-friendly, see that you have a steady source of green products. Ensuring that they have EPA certifications is all well and good, but make sure that you’ll have a consistent supply. Keep an eye on the list of chemicals and ingredients that wouldn’t pass your community or EPA standard. Remember also that the list of chemicals causing ecological harm is growing, so you should always take notice. 

Staying committed can be difficult, and a few businesses can revert to their old ways. Products with no green certifications are cheaper, after all. However, products that contain VOCs (volatile cleaning compounds) can cause a myriad of health problems like headaches, respiratory problems, liver and kidney damage, and others. 

These products may be powerful and work quicker, but they can damage the environment and are bad news for your workers’ and clients’ health. You won’t be saving money in the long run. On the other hand, green or eco-friendly products are biodegradable, fragrance-free, and non-toxic. Not only are they effective, but they won’t make anyone sick. 


  1. Publicize Your Commitment

Your clients will always appreciate it if you use eco-friendly products that won’t make them sick, so don’t be shy about tooting your own horn. Let the public know your commitment to preserving the environment and consumers’ health. Let them know your cleaning protocols are safe, products are all certified green, and won’t harm the environment or cause health problems. 

Conduct a promotional campaign that increases public awareness of your environmentally friendly cleaning business. You can use blog posts and your social media accounts for advertising the safe products your cleaning business use. Parents will be glad to know you don’t use chemicals that could trigger allergies and that their family won’t be breathing in fumes that could cause respiratory problems.

Being transparent is a good idea for a socially responsible business. Customers and investors will likely appreciate what you’re doing and support your business.


  1. Get Your Workers Engaged

It’s important to remember that your team members are consumers, too. As such, it’s also important to brief them of the harm that non-green cleaning products can do to their health. Although some may think that using more powerful chemicals can make their work easier, the health risks aren’t worth it. Explain that green products are safe for everyone—for them, your clients, and the planet.

If your team members understand their role, being a part of an eco-friendly business will be a point of pride for them.


For your cleaning business, it’s not enough to claim that you’re going green. You have to plan on how committed you’ll be. You can show your commitment by getting the proper certifications from EPA and other agencies. It’s also essential to find out your community standards and conform to them.

Letting the public know of your commitment will also show that you’re serious. Getting your workers behind your company’s environmentalism will ensure that your standards are maintained.