The use of cleaning products is essential in keeping a space sanitized and free from bacteria or viruses that may affect people’s health. Nowadays, many people prioritize keeping their area spotless, whether it’s their homes or workplaces.  

However, if you hastily use products with potentially harmful ingredients, you may risk compromising the health of everyone exposed to those products, including yourself. To give you a clearer picture, here’s how commercial cleaning supplies may affect your health:  

  • Trigger Allergic Reactions 

Some commercial cleaning items often come in more potent formulations since they’re meant for large-scale cleaning jobs or need to meet specific sanitation requirements. So, it’s common for it to trigger allergic reactions in some individuals who come in close contact with it. If you’re handling or using harsh cleaning products, you may experience red or itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, skin rashes, or burns. The chemical content of the stuff you’re using may irritate your eyes or skin, causing adverse reactions. It may be challenging to proceed with your day if you’re enduring some problems in your body.  

If you don’t want to put your health or other people at risk, you can opt to get commercial cleaning supplies that are safe and gentle. For instance, you can try looking for organic or unscented cleaning items that don’t have additive ingredients that may be harmful.  

  • Cause Respiratory Problems 

The chemical contents of some commercial cleaning products may cause harm to your respiratory system when inhaled. Supplies with any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will release gases in the air that may cause breathing problems.  

For instance, alcohol or ethanol found in disinfecting products have a strong and distinct smell, which can make it difficult for you to inhale and exhale with ease. These chemicals are often found in disinfecting products used to get rid of various harmful microorganisms on surfaces. If you’re constantly exposed to these chemicals without any protection, you may risk developing severe respiratory problems in the future. You may also experience a significant decline in your forced expiratory volume in a second (FEV1). This means the amount of air you can exhale will lessen, causing you to feel out of breath. 

If you wish to use non-toxic cleaning supplies to avoid breathing problems, you can opt for products that utilize other disinfectants. For example, some cleaning supplies use electrolyzed water as an active ingredient for disinfection. It’s less harmful and safe to use even without the need for protective gloves or masks. Thus, if you opt for this type of cleaning product, you won’t need to worry about developing respiratory problems.  

  • Affect Your Microbiome  

Some commercial cleaning products with strong formulations may impact not only your skin and lungs but also your microbiome composition. Usually, cleaning supplies work by getting rid of microorganisms that can cause various illnesses, like coughs or colds. However, those active ingredients may also attack the micro-ecosystem present in your body.  

Your microbiome composition is an essential component of your body and immune system. It keeps you healthy and protected from various illnesses. If you’re exposed to chemicals, like parabens, ammonia, or triclocarban, you may cause an imbalance in your microbiome. When this happens, you may experience fatigue, sleeping problems, or even inflammation.  

Fortunately, there are various alternatives you can use for commercial cleaning purposes. For instance, if you need an effective disinfectant for your workplace, you can get eco-friendly supplies as they don’t contain harsh ingredients. These cleaning products are effective in getting rid of harmful bacteria or viruses yet they won’t harm your health.  

Chemical Ingredients You Should Watch Out For 

When purchasing cleaning products, it may be best to watch out for ingredients like the following: 

  • Chlorine Bleach: This cleaning chemical is usually used to remove mold or mildew and disinfect various surfaces, like toilets or floors. Although it’s an effective ingredient, it can also irritate your lungs and skin.

  • Artificial Scents: Many commercial cleaning products come with scented varieties to produce a pleasant smell after sanitation. However, the ingredients used to add scents may be irritating, especially to those who have sensitive skin or noses.

  • Parabens: Cleaning items with this antimicrobial ingredient may cause harmful effects on your reproductive system and hormones.

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS): Various cleaning supplies, like fabric softeners or dryer sheets, may contain this chemical. QUATS may cause various respiratory issues.

Final Thoughts  

Disinfection and sanitation are vital practices to prevent the spread of various diseases and keep a place clean. In addition to ensuring that your location is spotless, you should also consider the products you’re using when cleaning. This is because some items you’re using may have adverse effects on your health. So, it’s advisable to use mild but effective products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Doing so ensures you won’t experience any adverse reactions.