Although green cleaning has been around since the 1970’s it is still not a mainstream concept, broadly speaking. While there are certain US markets where environmentalism is woven into the ethos of the community they are still in the minority. Even the eco-minded don’t necessarily view their cleaning products as having a real impact on the environment. And when it comes to the impacts of cleaning on health, far fewer have made the connection. In the past decade, green cleaning has certainly gained momentum. But now, just maybe, the movement will begin to reach a tipping point in the cleaning industry. Some recent developments have put wind at the back of the practice of green cleaning.

One was that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its report in October 2018 stating that the environmental crisis was so eminent as to cause worsening food shortages, wildfires and hurricanes by the year 2040. As CBT coverage at the time noted, the elite group of scientists on this panel urged for an immediate response via the transformation of the world’s economy. Many citizens and lawmakers have taken notice and policy concepts surrounding this issue are afloat in our nation and state capitols.

The other was that the EPA added a spectacular piece of advice in their June 2018 webinar titled Routine Cleaning and Maintenance for a Healthy School Environment, recently made available on-demand for free. The EPA advocated for purchasing, whenever possible, “certified green cleaning products from sustainable suppliers”. This was reported in Cleaning Business Today in September 2018. Granted, that was pertaining to the Jansan industry, rather than residential cleaning. But trends have a way of permeating the membrane separating schools and hospitals from residential facilities and homes. What starts in commercial ends up in residential, as the saying goes. Or does it?

Green cleaning is an individual decision for every cleaning business owner. Science and the media are on the side of green cleaning, bringing it more into view as having an impact on the environment and on health. For cleaning business owners that want to stay ahead of the trend toward health and environmental accountability, we share this overview of green cleaning for the residential sector and some key considerations necessary for all aspects of your business. It should be noted this series in no way constitutes a prescription or how-to manual for “going green”.

Our Green Cleaning issue is comprised of four sections. Please explore any and all below.

Green Cleaning – Your Business

Green Cleaning – Educating Customers

Green Cleaning – Engaging Employees

Green Cleaning – Service Delivery