Five tips to multiply your marketing effectiveness.

LAST MONTH, we talked about the benefits of face to- face marketing via networking. While this is a valuable method of generating leads and referrals, technology is great, too, because of the ability to market to multiple prospects. However, don’t let the seeming ease of technology lull you into not doing your homework. A “broadcast” marketing method still needs to be well developed, planned and executed. Here are the keys to an effective email marketing campaign. 

1. Clearly Identify Your “Ideal Client”

Select your target demographic carefully. It’s better to select a smaller list of prospects and reach out to them consistently than to spray a large group only one time. Carefully assess your budget and select a list that you can “touch” at least three times (preferably six times) for best results. Consider these factors when identifying the ideal customer you’d like to service: size, location, frequency/ type of service, industry or market sector, personality and values.

2. Focus on Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Make sure your message addresses THEIR needs, not your features. Clearly identify what their “problem” is and what “solution” you offer. No one cares about what you do or how you do it. They care about the problem they have and finding a solution that saves money, time and effort, and which makes them look good. Your solution should address at least one of these buying motivators.

3. Don’t Forget the “Call to Action”

Repeat your call to action. Whether it’s “call today” or “schedule an appointment,” it needs to show up multiple times in your message. Make it simple and have only one directive per communication. So, for example, if you want people to call for more info, check out your website or read online reviews about your company, don’t ask them to do all of these in the same email. It’s confusing and confused people don’t buy. Instead, have them do one thing in this email and suggest taking another action in the next message you send.

4. Repeat Often

Whether your email is going to people you know or to contacts that you purchased from a list broker, plan on sending your message at least three times. Particularly if you offer commercial cleaning, recognize that the people who get your message may not need your services now, but may be thinking of making a change when they get your mailer again, next month or next quarter.

5. Follow Up

Instead of trying to hit a home run and possibly striking out, go for doubles and singles to increase the numbers on your revenue scorecard. You may not need to get new prospects; you may simply need to follow up with the ones you have. Market research shows that many purchasing decisions are not reached until after the eighth contact, so don’t get your prospects all warmed up and then leave them to be closed by your competition. Having a “bases loaded” scenario increases the likelihood of turning new prospects into clients and provides win-win solutions for both you and them.

 If you use these key steps to design and implement your email marketing campaign, you should have a great deal of success. The key is to market continuously and consistently. Then, watch the phone start ringing and your revenues keep growing! Five tips to multiply your marketing effectiveness.

Pam Washington founded and operated the award-winning A-1 Janitorial Services in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also provides expert coaching and consulting at Build My Cleaning Business for owners seeking to accelerate their growth. Click here for more info.