Live with Liz – a HiPEP Perk

HiPEP subscribers gather to review their progress learning and implementing basic and advanced management and leadership skills. Each monthly installment is designed to provide focused training that can enable anyone in your company to become eligible for promotion based on learned/improved leadership, management, and general responsibility.

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TT3: How to Calculate Your Marketing ROI

You know you have to market your business to get your brand and even just the idea of professional cleaning in front of new prospects - new members of your potential service market.


But how can you get to a level of confidence that the money or time you invest in a particular marketing tool or campaign is likely to gain you enough new business to 1) cover costs and 2) make MORE?

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How to Market Your Cleaning Business: Extreme Marketing Makeover

Find out how to

  • Fight smarter, not harder for the prospects and leads good for your business
  • Spend less money and more time for a BIGGER marketing ROI
  • Make your branding and public relations work harder for you
  • See how the right tools help you make smarter marketing choices faster
  • Synergize your digital marketing so that value is greater than the sum of the parts
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Castle Keepers receives ARCSI Residential Cleaning Seal of Excellence

Cleaning service meets rigorous business and industry standards to qualifyLocal cleaning company Castle Keepers has been awarded the prestigious ARCSI Residential Cleaning Seal of Excellence by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services, International (ARCSI). In addition to adhering to a strict code of ethics, cleaning services that receive the Residential Seal of Excellence must also [...]

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Tom Test


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