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Stay up-to-date on federal safety regulations and requirements for employers.If you find yourself asking more and more questions about ladders, falls, injuries, even workers compensation, make sure you sign up for the OSHA QuickTakes Newsletter, which comes out twice a month to your email. Source:

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Infographic: What's In Your Rug?

Every year, millions of Americans become ill from allergens deep in the fibers of their rugs and carpets.Every year, millions of Americans become ill from allergens deep in the fibers of their rugs and carpets. While most of these illnesses aren't serious, it's important to properly clean and care for Oriental rugs to ensure your [...]

Infographic: Benchmarking Your Pay Rates

Janitors and maids are the third largest occupation in the US. Are you paying enough compared to national averages?According to the 2013 US Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, 2.5% of the total number of employed in the US are cleaning someone’s home, office or commercial space. And that makes janitors, maids and housekeeping staff the third [...]

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Success Stories: A Molly Maid Franchise Family

Two decades of corporate experience provided a strong foundation for Molly Maid franchise owners, David and Jennifer PooleA move to the Charleston, South Carolina-area set in motion a chain of events that changed the course of Molly Maid franchisee David Poole and his wife Jennifer’s professional lives. After long corporate careers, the Pooles, led by [...]

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Profile of the Ideal Chemical Free Cleaner

Scientists and health professional still seeking the "perfect" disinfectant.The healthcare profession has long held a reasonably common set of criteria for the ideal disinfectant: be fast acting, even in the presence of organic substances, such as those in body fluid (resistant to inactivation) be effective against all types of infectious agents without destroying tissues or [...]

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FREE Download: Cleaning Chore List for Kids

Help your customers get their house ready for your cleaning techs to work their magic!One of the biggest frustrations any cleaning technician (or team) feels is that of walking into a client's home and learning she has to clean through the clutter. Encourage your adult clients to tap into their own in-house labor pool to [...]

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Scheduling Software Comparison Chart

How to choose service software for your cleaning businessThe key to comparing a huge list of features is to figure out which ones are standard and which are indespensible. Place your priority needs side-by-side with the features offered. CBT invited twelve field services and scheduling software providers to respond to a survey about their programs, and [...]

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Getting rid of soap scum

Soap scum is a hazy film that forms on surfaces where water, soap and body oil come in contact with each other. When you bathe or shower, soap binds with the body oils on the surface of your skin and hair. The water you rinse the resulting lather off with contains dissolved calcium, magnesium and other minerals which bind with the soap and body oil mixture. This chemical reaction forms an insoluble salt, or stearate, which can leave a coating on tub and shower surfaces. 

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