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Professional House Cleaning During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is in the news and many people have questions about how it will affect them and their families. By understanding the background and characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and reviewing cleaning processes through the lens of targeted hygiene, Residential Cleaning Professionals can confidently answer questions about what steps they are taking to keep themselves and their clients safe from infection.

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How to get rid of bad smells in the home

Professional cleaners remove the source of the foul odor. They don't just cover it up with perfumed air fresheners.

Is your cleaning service really green?

In a new blog post on Castle Keepers House Cleaning, Janice Stewart asks the question, "What is green cleaning?" Her answer gives consumers insight into what it takes for a company to create an authentic green cleaning process. Stewart examines environmentally preferable products, third-party certifications, green equipment, and more.

How do you clean for a cancer patient?

Cleaning for a cancer patient is especially important because their immune system is suppressed. We should clean for health first and appearance second. How do you clean for a cancer patient? This question came up recently at Castle Keepers House Cleaning and we were surprised by the lack of detailed advice on the [...]

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Get This Tool Out of Your Caddy, Fast!

Feather dusters may seem traditional and even romantic as a cleaning tool, but they can cost you a lot of money – in the time it takes to use and maintain them properly.Sometimes we spend so much time looking at new (and old) tools to add to our arsenal of cleaning tools that we forget [...]

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout, Part 2 of 2

Exploring “natural” grout cleaning methods In Part 2 of “Don’t Pout about Dirty Grout,” I am exploring the lowest impact chemical options (sometimes called “green” or “natural” cleaning solutions) for cleaning and whitening grout as well as protective options for keeping grout clean longer between cleanings. Review Part 1 here. There are many powerful grout [...]

Don’t Pout About Dirty Grout

Clean grout is well worth the effort for the value it adds to your clients’ perception of a clean home.Cleaning dirty or discolored grout is a frustrating job, but doing it right adds immeasurable value to our reputation as cleaners. Grout in showers is exposed to soap scum, hard water deposits (or scale) and mold. [...]

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Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = A Disinfecting Duo?

An old home remedy might be just the solution you're looking for. With growing awareness of the dangers of manufactured and even naturally-derived cleaning products growing among consumers, cleaning businesses have had to turn to “old home remedies” in an attempt to balance cleaning and disinfecting with the green and sustainable trends. Unfortunately, [...]

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