IICRC Certification Recommended by Centers for Disease Control

CDC promotes IICRC certification for cleaning Ebola-contaminated commercial aircraft LAS VEGAS— March 18, 2015 – The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) today announced the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has included it in a list of recommended certifications for organizations responsible for cleaning and decontaminating commercial passenger aircrafts that may have transported [...]

Revised Standard and Reference Guide Published

ANSI/IICRC S100 Standard and IICRC R100 Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floorcovering(LAS VEGAS) March 27, 2014 – The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) announces the publication of a newly revised ANSI-approved Standard - ANSI/IICRC S100 Standard and IICRC R100 Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floorcoverings (6th edition, 2015).  [...]

Billion Dollar Bully Documentary on Yelp

Kickstarter campaign has raised over $70,000 to make a documentary about lawsuits against Yelp.CBT has previously reported on the journey one carpet cleaner took to force Yelp to clean up its practices by making Yelp reveal the identity of posters so that business owners could identify fraudulent reviews and have them removed. And while Hadeed [...]

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What Cleaning Contractors Should Know about Ozone Generators

Plymouth, MN - One of the most challenging issues cleaning contractors must deal with is malodor eradication.  Often, even once the source of the odor has been removed, odors persist because they have penetrated carpets, wall coverings, furniture, etc. One of the fastest, most effective, and safest ways to tackle persistent malodors is with an [...]

Lakewood, WA Loses Two Pets to Carpet Cleaner

On Saturday, February 28, a Lakewood, WA resident returned home to find his two pets - a bird and a cat - dead. An unnamed OTC powdered carpet cleaner was identified as the cause, apparently causing a toxic chemical reaction that made the home's air toxic. It is unclear when the resident will be able [...]

Carpet Cleaners: Keeping the Phone Ringing This Winter

There are actually several good reasons why consumers and property managers should have their carpets cleaned during the winter months.Fort Worth, TX - Most consumers and property managers postpone carpet cleaning from about December through March, and even as late as April in many parts of the country.   The reasoning: with the ice and snow, [...]

Q&A: Cold Water versus Hot Water Carpet Cleaning

Plymouth, MN - The professional carpet cleaning industry is invariably struggling with the issue of whether to clean carpets with cold or hot water.     While there are pluses and minuses supporting both methods, in the long run, it appears that hot water wins out if the goal is faster and more effective cleaning...at least [...]

Know Thy Enemy When it Comes to Winter Floor Care

Fort Worth, TX - Many cleaning professionals were caught off guard last winter, especially when it came to protecting their customers' floors. Last winter was so harsh that many floors took a serious beating before anything could be done to protect them.        To help prevent this from happening again and better prepare for [...]

The Ten Commandments of Carpet Care

Plymouth, MN - If you go online, you'll find there is a "Ten Commandments" for just about everything.     One site has a Ten Commandments of College Life; another has a Ten Commandments of Love Life; there's the Ten Commandments for Kids; and the Ten Commandments for Parents With Kids.   Finally, let's not [...]

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New App for Cleaners and Restorers

HydraMaster introduces the FREE CleanMaster Solutions App for Cleaners and RestorersHydraMaster Introduces the FREE CleanMaster Solutions Smart Phone/Tablet App for Cleaners and Restorers   HydraMaster is pleased to announce the availability of our new FREE Smartphone/Tablet app for CleanMaster Solutions. This incredible app contains detailed step by step procedures professionals can refer to on-location or [...]

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