Plymouth, MN – If you go online, you’ll find there is a “Ten Commandments” for just about everything.    

One site has a Ten Commandments of College Life; another has a Ten Commandments of Love Life; there’s the Ten Commandments for Kids; and the Ten Commandments for Parents With Kids.


Finally, let’s not forget, there’s the real Ten Commandments from biblical days that started this in the first place.


Now U.S. Products, a leading manufacturer of portable hot-water carpet extractors, introduces the “Ten Commandments of Carpet Care.” So, without further ado, here it is:   

  1. Know your carpet. Is it a nylon carpet? A wool carpet? A synthetic? Knowing the type of carpet is the first step in properly taking care of it.
  2. Protect carpets, make sure mats are installed at all building entries and key interior walkways.
  3. Carpets should be vacuumed every night, especially in moderately to heavily trafficked areas.
  4. Know how to use spotters and have them readily available.
  5. When removing a spot, never brush or rub. Scrape debris off debris and then blot the area with a white towel or cloth; the spot should transfer into the cloth.
  6. Remove stains as soon as they are detected; the longer they remain in the carpet, the harder they are to remove.
  7. Develop a carpet maintenance strategy based on need (appearance) as well as a schedule.
  8. Only have IICRC-certified technicians clean carpet.
  9. Use hot-water carpet extractors; they are more effective at removing soils and many carpet manufacturers now require their use.
  10. If you don’t know what you are doing…don’t do it. Carpets are too costly an investment for “experimental cleaning.”




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