There are actually several good reasons why consumers and property managers should have their carpets cleaned during the winter months.

Fort Worth, TX – Most consumers and property managers postpone carpet cleaning from about December through March, and even as late as April in many parts of the country.


The reasoning: with the ice and snow, best hold off until spring.


However, there are actually several good reasons why consumers and property managers should have their carpets cleaned during the winter months, according to Doug Berjer, with CFR (Continuous Flow Recycling) carpet extractors and Tornado® .


“Carpet cleaning should not be postponed in the winter months,” he says. “In fact, it can actually benefit the customer in many different ways to have carpets cleaned this time of year.”


Among the reasons Berjer cites for this are the following:


Health: We are indoors much more during the winter months with less fresh air in facilities. Soiled carpets can have allergens and pollutants that negatively impact indoor air quality.

Harder to clean: The more soil buildup in carpet, the harder it is to remove, and some spots may become stains, making them very difficult-if not impossible-to remove.


Damage to the carpet: Related to this, the longer soiling remains in carpet, the more damage it can do to carpet fibers. “View soils as ‘miniature daggers.’ With foot traffic, these tiny daggers cut away at carpet fibers, shortening the life expectancy of the carpet.”


Faster drying: The winter months are often the driest time of the year; because of this, carpets often dry faster, opening areas to foot traffic sooner and there is less chance that mold or mildew will develop.


Flexible appointment times: In the spring and summer, some carpet cleaning technicians can be booked two or three weeks in advance. During the winter months, appointments are much easier to come by, which is especially helpful should there be an emergency.


Cost savings: “If anything will work this (cost savings) is it. Many technicians offer discounts during the cold winter months. Providing [customers] a discount coupon this time of year is often the best way to keep the phone ringing.” 

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CFR designs and manufactures a complete range of eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems and high performance specialty tools with an innovative, patented technology that is radically different from other carpet cleaning systems. Continuous Flow Recycling (CFR) technology provides superior moisture-controlled cleaning, faster drying times, and increased cleaning productivity that is unmatched compared to standard carpet extractors on the market today.  Through a state-of-the-art recycling filtration system, coupled with moisture-controlled atomization wand technology to minimize carpet moisture, CFR is the Greenest carpet cleaning system available.

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