West Sanitation / West Industries has rebranded as AeroWest International, to kick-start a revamped franchising program and further expand their exciting new product line worldwide.

In response to market changes in the odor control industry, West Industries, one of the oldest companies in the odor control sector, has adopted the new name of AeroWest International, from the name sake of its oldest and world-famous drip system, AeroWest.

Aerowest International is introducing an updated corporate identity, including its new logo and website, along with a stream of new innovative technologies for its target markets.

The new name will not only help emphasize our ongoing commitment to excellence, and servicing our clients with highly effective eco-friendly products, but will also reflect our commitment to further expand into additional markets outside the United States”, said Dr. Maria Bhacca, the CEO of the company. “We have also revamped our franchise model and plan to concentrate on expanding this arm of the business. To support this renewal program, we are launching the new website and a blog, dedicated to franchising this fall”, she added.

While the franchising program is only launching for the domestic market at the moment, AeroWest International plans to expand into the select high-potential markets of Asia, Africa, South America and Europe to build upon its current footprint of operations in over 40 countries already.

The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s products, services, promotional materials, and social media channels.

About AeroWest International:

Established in 1883, West Sanitation Services/West Industries is a family owned company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that specializes in the development and manufacturing of odor control products and services. The company develops its own exclusive line of proprietary odor control products and these products are serviced throughout the United States by AeroWest franchises and sold across the world through international distributorships. The first patent was awarded in 1905 and the company continues extensive research and development, to be at the cutting edge of today’s technology. As the product line grew beyond the restrooms into hallways, elevators, lobbies, kitchens, and conference rooms, West Sanitation Services evolved into West Industries in 2014, and with the growth nationally and internationally, the company has evolved again into AeroWest International in 2018.

AeroWest International is a member of WBENC, IFA, ISSA and AHE.

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