House Cleaning Technician certification through IICRC is the right way to set yourself up for success. Next class: April 5-6, 2019.

There is a right way to do everything. And the IICRC aims to determine what that is and document, teach, test and certify professional technicians in a variety of fields supporting home and building maintenance. As a non-profit independent certifying body the IICRC creates globally recognized standards for the right way to inspect, clean and restore things. Their technical standards include mold remediation, carpet cleaning and house cleaning.

The cleaning industry is combatting misperceptions about our industry. To the extent cleaning companies can elevate professionalism and technical skill they can turn public perception around. A shift here means consumers will place higher value on the service cleaning companies provide and pay more for the benefits they receive. When cleaning companies clean the right way everyone wins – customer, employee and business owner. The next IICRC-approved House Cleaning Technician training class, April 5th and 6th, will be held in Kennesaw, GA (just north of Atlanta). Here’s why you should attend this training with your manager.

Professional image

When you know your trade it shows. Companies that educate themselves and perform the industry recognized standards show their commitment to excellence when it comes to the art and the science of cleaning. Certified technicians are trained to clean with predictable, measurable results that go beyond cleaning for appearance to keep homes healthier through cleaning. This is the bar that the IICRC sets for House Cleaning Technicians.

New Customer Conversions

When consumers are shopping around they’ll discover that reputable cleaning services charge pretty much the same way and give estimates that are only a few dollars apart. Since the costs are essentially the same, the cleaning company’s with the advantage are those able to distinguish themselves in other ways. Professionalism is one of these. Technical skill is another. IICRC certified house cleaning technicians are in a better position to increase their sales closing ratios. “When a prospective customer points out a trouble spot during the walk-through and my manager knows how to eliminate the problem or stain, the confidence level of the homeowner goes up right away – she can see it in their facial expression,” says Bruce Vance, an IICRC approved instructor, co-author of the HCT training manual and owner of Town & Country Cleaning in Chapel Hill, NC.

Production Efficiency

How much time does guessing waste? Knowledge correctly applied helps keep cleaning times in line with the cost estimate.  This means cleaners use the right cleaning chemistry and appropriate equipment the first time. They get finished earlier but without compromising on results. And business owners stand to profit more with fewer re-cleans.

Damage Control

Is that engineered wood, oiled wood or varnished hardwood? Granite, quartz or marble? A certified house cleaning technician is trained to recognize the difference. This means not only are dirt and soils removed efficiently, but also that surfaces are protected from irreversible damage. “After we ruined a customer’s marble tile, I knew I never wanted put a member of my staff, or myself, or a customer in that unfortunate position again,” Vance recalls. Whether paying for damage out of pocket or filing a claim, destruction of property is expensive and time-consuming to fix. Customers may forgive, but they won’t forget damage. And they often remember out loud, in front of friends or neighbors.

Quality and Satisfaction

Doing things the right way, and doing them the right way every time, makes quality assurance done deal. Customers like it a lot that their cleaners know how to properly remove dirt and soil from the multivariate surfaces from their homes. It’s one of the main reasons they stay with their service provider. And Yelp with accolades. And recommend them to people who trust their opinion.

Employee Morale

After basic needs like subsistence, safety and a sense of belonging, self-esteem is a need humans share, according to Abraham Maslow’s theories on human motivation. Self-esteem is influenced by how a person is seen by others and how he or she sees herself. Job certifications create a hierarchy in the workforce where those certified enjoy the respect and even admiration of their peers. Skill mastery, and recognition for it, influence a person’s own sense of worth. Employees tend to respond favorably to an employer’s investment in their growth and potential.

For RJ Patel, owner of Prestigious Cleaning Team outside Atlanta, GA, HCT certification is a point of pride for his employees. “They like being asked – and being able to answer – technical questions by other staff. They enjoy being seen as the experts. Our staff enjoys being referred to as Cleaning Technicians rather than ‘maids’.”

IICRC certified House Cleaning Technicians are better suited to train their co-workers and new hires than others that have not received IICRC-approved training and passed the 160-question exam following instruction. They are better suited for in-home estimates because they know what is required to meet a customer’s expectations and can more reliably estimate and deliver the care and safety needed to do a good job. Certification is a step you can take to elevate not only your brand but the perceptions of this industry in the marketplace.

House Cleaning Technician certification through IICRC is a one-time investment that can yield a big payoff in perpetuity. The next class is scheduled on April 5th and 6th in Kennesaw GA at the Ben Robertson Community Center. Register here or, to learn more, visit the IICRC website.

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