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New Bill in CA for Better Chemical Ingredient Labeling

Seventh Generation champions CA bill AB 708 to require cleaning manufacturers to list ingredients.

Natural products manufacturer Seventh Generation is leading the charge to add full ingredient disclosure on consumer-directed cleaning products to the law as AB 708 in California.

John ReplogleKey takeaways from John Replogle, CEO of Seventh Generation, include:

  • The typical progression for [health-conscious] shoppers goes something like this: first they become concerned with what they eat (what's IN them), follow by beauty and personal care (what's ON them), and finally cleaning products (what's AROUND them).
  • Most people don't realize that they're polluting their indoor air by using fragrance.
  • People have a perception of what cleaning smells like - like meadow shine, like spring forest rain. Cleaning isn't a masking fragrance. Clean has no fragrance.

Read the full article at Fortune.

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